Life lessons I learned – the hard way

The rollercoaster of everyday life, we go through highs, we go through lows. Besides starting out in my career, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind of events, travels, emotions, places and unfortunately loss. Not all have been easy, yet every single one of them worth it, except maybe the loss part. That I could have done without. Not that I think I have all the wisdom at hand, but thought to share some of the things I, especially in the last 2 years, have learned. Over time, here’s what I’ve picked up:

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Been Offline

Wondering if I’ve moved to the artics without any Wi-Fi? got eaten by a bear? live off-shore in the jungle? or decided to start my Swedish farm-live? I haven’t. Although a farm in Sweden sounds very quaint, I’ve just been offline. Not blogging. Without any specific reason really, although maybe… I think I’m getting a bit tired of the ‘overflow’ of blogs. I don’t really keep up with my bloglovin’ feed very regularly, so when I open it, it’s an outburst of posts screaming ‘read me!!!’. To be honest, I’m gonna say it: I’m a little bit over it.

There’s this insane overflow of information and the most amazing pictures, and yes, all the credits to the bloggers out there creating beautiful content. But truth be told, life can’t always be that amazing and have 10 filters over it. I’m finding it more and more difficult to come across ‘real’ people on the internet. So, I chose to shut off for a little while. I’ve been focussing my energy mostly on offline interactions. And I’ve been continuing my ‘7 years on the road’. In the past 8 weeks I’ve been to the States, Budapest, Amsterdam, Denmark, Helsinki, Gotland and the Swedish westcoast. With this intense travelling I sometimes don’t know what’s left from right, or even which day it is. So, in an effort to be real and show life, with all it’s blurry – and pretty pictures – I’ve decided to a ‘my life lately’ update. Curious to read what I’ve been up to? tag along.

Best to start with the fun stuff first (I always eat the best food of the plate first as well – yes I’m that kind of person):


For work I travelled to a work conference in Orlando. I know, there are worse places to ‘work’. It’s often very intense with long days and well, practically no nights. Sleep is fairly non existent. But it’s only once a year and it’s probably the biggest gathering of smart, geeky, passionate people I know. And it’s pretty awesome.

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Croatia, you wild thing

This land has gotten a special place in my heart. 9 years ago when I was at the fresh age of 16, me and some of my girlfriends had our very first ‘grown-up’ trip to Croatia. It was the first time without the parents. 6 girls, all aged 16 to 17. Boy, what an introduction to the freedom of travelling. I love Croatia, and I loved our time we had there. With memories stuck in this nostalgic bubble, I was kind of afraid of meeting Croatia yet again. Would it have changed much? Would it have commercialised completely? Would it have lost it’s charm? yes, yes and no.
Granted, it is far far faaaaar from the counry I had met 9 years ago and it has undergone intense development, but the charm is still there. Staying in Game of Thrones capital probably didn’t help much when it comes to tourism, with flocks everywhere. But my hostel was conveniently located at the quiet BLACKWATER BAY, with stunning views. I’ve still been able to catch some raw beauty here and there.

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