To Do: 2nd Hand Shopping

Sweden, and Scandinavia in general are known always be on the cutting edge of fashion, design, lifestyle and SHOPPING! In Paris you may have the high-end Marc-Jacobs and Louis Vuitton boutiques, but in the trendy areas of Malmo, Stockholm and even here in Lund 2nd hands shops are rapidly popping.

Wait, say what now? 2nd hand?! As in hand-me-downs?

Well, YES! 2nd hand here is huge and more often referred to as ‘vintage’. There are stores and chains throughout Sweden, and other countries like England and the Netherlands are also gaining popularity in 2nd shops. The benefit, especially for poor students like us, is that most stuff is a bargain!

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Friday Favourite: Lisboa

TGIF! And what a better day to plan a new city trip? Last week Buenos Aires was covered, so this week I thought about picking a city close by, but still one that has the same exotic vibe to it: Lisbon!

The city is perfect for year-round travelling due to its soft climate. I went this winter, as ‘it’s got the warmest winters in the Europe’. Well, time to put that theory to the test!

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The Man is Burning!

Also excited for the new summer season? Ready to shake a leg to some new tunes and wake up in your 2 by 2 tent? But don’t know which festivals to go to this year? Well, you’re in for a treat! Because we(Culture Can) will be covering some festivals over the next few weeks to give examples and ideas for your next adventure. So pick your favourite!

Today we’ll start with THE festival of all festivals out there: Burning Man!