The Man is Burning!

Also excited for the new summer season? Ready to shake a leg to some new tunes and wake up in your 2 by 2 tent? But don’t know which festivals to go to this year? Well, you’re in for a treat! Because we(Culture Can) will be covering some festivals over the next few weeks to give examples and ideas for your next adventure. So pick your favourite!

Today we’ll start with THE festival of all festivals out there: Burning Man!

To See: Fotografiska Museum

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, and often endearingly referred to as Scandinavia’s capital. The city boosts design, fashion and art. Since November David LaChapelle has an exhibition named Burning Beauty in the entire Fotografiska Museum at the riverbanks of Stockholm. Perfect for a slow Sunday, and the museum has a nice café with a view of the city, so you can even have some chill-time afterwards.

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