Copenhagen on the Loose

Today is yet another day to explore some of the festivals out there. Time to elaborate on some of the previously already welcomed festivals. As more unconventional festivals are covered, today a feature of a cheap one (is that possible?!). Living on a student budget, and people in general like free things, I’ll be covering the Distortion festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. A festival characterised by free rave parties on the CPH-streets during the day, and club-parties by night, ranging from ‘hiped’ DJ’s to up-and-comers.

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Sweat around the world

Carrying around between 10 to 20 kilo’s of your own crap, sometimes with a tent on the side, isn’t the easiest task for your body. And that DSLR camera around your neck can cause some serious cramps. Backpacking is adventurous and exhilarating, you feel like a lonely explorer ready to take on the world. Until that is, you strap on that backpack to your body. When you walk from busstation to busstation and manoeuvre yourself on steep cobblestone streets, trying to find that hidden hostel you wonder ‘why haven’t I trained a bit more?’ ‘Cause ladies and gentleman, backpacking sure isn’t for the fainthearted.

To Do: 2nd Hand Shopping

Sweden, and Scandinavia in general are known always be on the cutting edge of fashion, design, lifestyle and SHOPPING! In Paris you may have the high-end Marc-Jacobs and Louis Vuitton boutiques, but in the trendy areas of Malmo, Stockholm and even here in Lund 2nd hands shops are rapidly popping.

Wait, say what now? 2nd hand?! As in hand-me-downs?

Well, YES! 2nd hand here is huge and more often referred to as ‘vintage’. There are stores and chains throughout Sweden, and other countries like England and the Netherlands are also gaining popularity in 2nd shops. The benefit, especially for poor students like us, is that most stuff is a bargain!

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