Uncovering Swedish Style

Now that I’m applying for jobs I am really struggling with how to represent myself en-présence to companies. Swedish people are so stylish, and it’s a very fine line, they really focus on subtle details. Thinking about job-interviews with this in mind, aaah, it can really make me crazy. Swedes like to pretend to be casual, when in fact they put so much effort into their appearances.  Even my professors used to match their elbow patches to the Adidas stripes on their shoes (true story). So I am in the midst of a corporate/casual chic clinch, I mean I don’t want to be mousy, but I also want to be professional. First impressions last. So over the past month I’ve been digging around into the Swedish style to see if I can steal a bit here and there.

 So how to spot a  typical Swedish girl?

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Swedish Sundays

Sundays in Sweden are sacred. Even though this country has more atheists walking around than all of the religious people combined, Sunday’s the day of rest. So there’s nothing better than enjoying it to its fullest. I love brunch and luckily so do the Swedes. Luxurious hotels and cute little cafeterias offer elaborate brunches for good prices, you can sit for as long as you’d like and stuff your face to the fullest with healthy dishes, delish! So yesterday I tried the Mejeriet brunch in Lund for the first time.

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Ok, my first private blog ever made, and it’s about time. After blogging under the collective Culture Can , I now embark on my own. Not sure yet how I feel about it.

By the end of this month I’ll be sound and settled in Stockholm. Currently I’m living out of boxes again. Sure I will miss Lund, although, maybe not the place (it is after all a little town) more what it represents. It will be nice to have my own place again though. Living with 12 people after having my own mini-studio for 2 years is quite a change.

Don’t know how frequent this thing is going to be, but it beats e-mailing 5 people the same responses. Expect lots of work-outs, lots of Stockholm and Sweden pictures and lots of random thoughts, haha.

So far I have no clear response as to when I will be back for a trip to Holland. Now it’s time for some sightseeing in Skane.

‘Kram’ ♥ Ellen