Ok, my first private blog ever made, and it’s about time. After blogging under the collective Culture Can , I now embark on my own. Not sure yet how I feel about it.

By the end of this month I’ll be sound and settled in Stockholm. Currently I’m living out of boxes again. Sure I will miss Lund, although, maybe not the place (it is after all a little town) more what it represents. It will be nice to have my own place again though. Living with 12 people after having my own mini-studio for 2 years is quite a change.

Don’t know how frequent this thing is going to be, but it beats e-mailing 5 people the same responses. Expect lots of work-outs, lots of Stockholm and Sweden pictures and lots of random thoughts, haha.

So far I have no clear response as to when I will be back for a trip to Holland. Now it’s time for some sightseeing in Skane.

‘Kram’ ♥ Ellen

Sunday cruisin’ in Skane

Spring is slowly peeking around the corner, and the days are slightly getting warmer and with that, sunnier! Yes, it’s finally here! Winter up here in Sweden has been loooong, since the first of December we’ve had layers of snow limiting us in exploring the country side and cute little towns. It’s no party biking through snow, let alone visit snowed up beaches. So we are more than ready for longer days and the sight of blooming flowers. A great benefit of spring is that you get to explore the surroundings. Therefore, this Snoozy Sunday, we’re discovering the countryside of the Skane region.

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Copenhagen on the Loose

Today is yet another day to explore some of the festivals out there. Time to elaborate on some of the previously already welcomed festivals. As more unconventional festivals are covered, today a feature of a cheap one (is that possible?!). Living on a student budget, and people in general like free things, I’ll be covering the Distortion festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. A festival characterised by free rave parties on the CPH-streets during the day, and club-parties by night, ranging from ‘hiped’ DJ’s to up-and-comers.

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