From 6th gear to full-stop

dsc_0202More than 4 years I’ve been living in Sweden, and after 4 year’s of keeping up with life’s ‘new’ pace, I have finally started to slow down. It is now January 2017, and two years after my father’s passing I have started to experience what inner peace feels like.

From the first month, september 2012, when I was studying in Lund everything started to enter in a rapid pace with graduation, travels, moving to Stockholm, getting a topnotch job, yadayadayada. It at times felt more like a waterfall crashing over me. ‘Career! Travel! Meetings! Dinner! Expat life! Apartment hunting! Dinners!’
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Min stad, just där solen börjar om

At about a 10 min walk, I can take a dip in the ‘ocean’, a 30 minutes drive and I’m in the woodlands or a sleepy beach town and a 15 min subway ride takes me tot the concerthall or royal opera. One of my favourite song is ‘Stockholm’ by Oskar Linnros.  There is something so magical about this city. No matter the season, the city is beautiful to capture. If you ever doubt to visit, don’t!

dsc_0734     DSC_0044 (2)