Min stad, just där solen börjar om

At about a 10 min walk, I can take a dip in the ‘ocean’, a 30 minutes drive and I’m in the woodlands or a sleepy beach town and a 15 min subway ride takes me tot the concerthall or royal opera. One of my favourite song is ‘Stockholm’ by Oskar Linnros.  There is something so magical about this city. No matter the season, the city is beautiful to capture. If you ever doubt to visit, don’t!

dsc_0734     DSC_0044 (2)


Well, then what’s your not-so-good version?!

‘Hi, my name is Carl, I’m starting today as the new group-accountant for xyz, my hobbies include: running marathons, alpine skiing, trainingcamps in Lanzarote, crossfit competitions and freediving.’ Uuuh, can I please barf? Look, it might just be the Swedes, but have you noticed these days when people introduce themselves all they talk about is how #fit they are/want to be/pretend to be? Even when they don’t even look fit?! That your lunch dates have been reduced to counting carbs, protein and macros? Hey, all the credits to you for working out and living an active lifestyle! But do we have to splash it all over the internet? And do you really have to give me the stink-eye for eating strawberry cheesecake icecream? I think we’ve entered in the current day competition of: who has the bigger penis?
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