“Here’s our grit. The down and dirty. This is where we sweat, this is where we think, this is where we thrive.

This is the Workroom.”

From the Workroom started as an outlet for my personal creativity. I am Ellen, 27, a (not so recent anymore) post-grad, adventurous and a little too perky. I love food (who doesn’t?!), reading, working out, travelling and as it turns out… writing.


My close friends and family would characterize me for my restless personality, who was often anywhere but home. I have indeed been fortunate enough to visit some extraordinairy places, with Skyscanner as my best friend, always looking for cheap tickets to new destinations. The next step was then to emigrate from the Netherlands, and fully embrace expatlife. By far, travel is my biggest hobby passion and I spend nearly half my money on it. There’s just something about life on the road.
The other half I spend on photography equipment to capture all these destinations, experiences and people I encounter along the way. Now clearly, both these ‘hobbies’ cost money. Luckily I have one of the best jobs in the world, working as a product marketing manager for an IT company. Now, I know to many that doesn’t sounds like ‘the best job’ but there’s never a single Monday I’m dreading the workweek.

After finishing my masters in Lund, southern Sweden, it was time to start a career, and with that,  I packed my bags and headed towards the vibrant capital Stockholm. Swedes are known for their wearing-all-black over-the-top healthy lifestyles, and it has admittedly pulled me in me too.
The time came to ‘grow up’ and settle down. But where most people relate growing up to shrivelling up, my adventure only accelerated. Being a business women in the tech-industry has given me great chances. #ITgirlsarethenewitgirls

Through my personal and worktravels I’m able to explore cultures and countries on a weekly basis, besides regularly enjoying the beauty of Stockholm.  Times when I’m not gallivanting around the globe, I spent in my own little workroom typing, coding, editing and creating away, in the hopes of sharing stories and images to inspire others to go out and explore.

From the Workroom is is a journal on life in Scandinavia, life through my 50mm lens and life on the road. 



  1. Ohh wat ontzettend tof dat je in Stockholm woont zeg! Ik heb in Halmstad gestudeerd en ik wil volgend jaar een master in Göteborg gaan doen en wil dan waarschijnlijk ook in Zweden blijven wonen! Ik ga maar eens snel verder lezen op je blog 🙂

  2. Super tof Ellen! Ik ga je volgen! Heel veel succes met je eigen shop xx

  3. Wat heb je een mooie blog! Leuk dat je reageerde, anders had ik m misschien nog lang niet ontdekt! Je schrijft fijn en hebt inspirerende dingen meegemaakt, altijd fijn om te lezen! Ben je meteen gaan volgen op Facebook:)!

  4. hey! ive nominated you and your blog for the very inspiring blogger award, here are the rules: http://headoverheelsforindie.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/an-inspiring-blogger-me/

    keep writing great posts! 😀

    • Hey Avantika, So nice to have a reader from India!
      I’ve been looking into doing a yoga-teacher course in Khajuraho, is that anywhere close to where you live?

      • oh no problem! your blog really is very nice, and yes i do plan on keeping up the music!oh well if you like yoga you should try mysore and kerala as well, they’ve got loads of yoga courses. khajuraho is actually located in a completely different state though, so cant really help you much with that, do you visit india very often then?

  5. Wat leuk om jouw blog tegen te komen. Ik studeer nu zelf ook in Lund en ik vind het echt fantastisch!

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