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Roadtrip. Gelato. Sunscreen. Hot boys. Nice vino. White Beaches.
If only.

We were here in the last week of October and everything was closed. And deserted. Although we weren’t able to wine and dine like we wanted. We were still able to explore a lot: like true grannies would attest. In bed by 9PM (not kidding) and up at 7AM, these 5 wildchilds would make their own holiday. At times we were lucky to find a supermarket. We discovered a new found love for cactusses, trees, and roadside cafes that serve warm chocolate. No less, the pictures are beautiful (if I say so myself) and for me, that’s more than worth it.

As it was my 2nd time in Sardinia a few tips:

  • Do rent a car
  • Don’t come in Oct. through March
  • Do take 1000’s of pictures
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit
  • Do rent a hostel/villa in time
  • Don’t visit the posh east side in high summer, unless you want to run in to Russian-Rich
  • Do drive all along the west coast and north coast
  • Don’t believe that beach bar will actually be open
  • Do stock up on lots of food and wine at the first supermarket you spot

There is not in Italy what there is in Sardinia, nor in Sardinia what there is in Italy



  1. Die foto met jullie allemaal hand in hand is ZO leuk!

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