Sverige, vad älskar jag dig

DSC_0270DSC_0083DSC_0018 (2)DSC_0498DSC_0235DSC_0596DSC_0018DSC_0482I’ve been home in Sweden for a little over a week (scoooore!). And I’m finally having time to go through some archives. Those super active bloggers that are able to edit, post and publish every day or week while on the road. I don’t know how you do it!

After travelling to Amsterdam over Christmas, then Finland, Dublin, California, Finland again and Madrid, I finally have had more than 6 days in this country, oh yes! I came to realise that damn: it’s already the end of March. Now that I’m home, and finally fixed my new apartment in order to make it my home, I come to realise again how much I love it here. I. LOVE. SWEDEN. I have to admit though: I’ve already blocked out January and February, where we had 42 days of non-stop snow. Believe me, ploughing yourself on a bike (hashtag: trueDutch) in temperatures up to -18C: NO FUN. Boy did I hate this country then. But now, when it’s time to enjoy my morning coffee on the terras by the water: blissss

The Swedes have a saying: you just need to survive winter.

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  1. Je bent er weer 🙂 Ik houd van jouw instagram foto’s en ben altijd weer blij als je een nieuw bericht schrijft! En ik snap ook niet hoe sommige bloggers het doen hoor. Als ik ‘s avonds in bed lig wil ik gewoon slapen 🙂 X

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