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Wondering if I’ve moved to the artics without any Wi-Fi? got eaten by a bear? live off-shore in the jungle? or decided to start my Swedish farm-live? I haven’t. Although a farm in Sweden sounds very quaint, I’ve just been offline. Not blogging. Without any specific reason really, although maybe… I think I’m getting a bit tired of the ‘overflow’ of blogs. I don’t really keep up with my bloglovin’ feed very regularly, so when I open it, it’s an outburst of posts screaming ‘read me!!!’. To be honest, I’m gonna say it: I’m a little bit over it.

There’s this insane overflow of information and the most amazing pictures, and yes, all the credits to the bloggers out there creating beautiful content. But truth be told, life can’t always be that amazing and have 10 filters over it. I’m finding it more and more difficult to come across ‘real’ people on the internet. So, I chose to shut off for a little while. I’ve been focussing my energy mostly on offline interactions. And I’ve been continuing my ‘7 years on the road’. In the past 8 weeks I’ve been to the States, Budapest, Amsterdam, Denmark, Helsinki, Gotland and the Swedish westcoast. With this intense travelling I sometimes don’t know what’s left from right, or even which day it is. So, in an effort to be real and show life, with all it’s blurry – and pretty pictures – I’ve decided to a ‘my life lately’ update. Curious to read what I’ve been up to? tag along.

Best to start with the fun stuff first (I always eat the best food of the plate first as well – yes I’m that kind of person):


For work I travelled to a work conference in Orlando. I know, there are worse places to ‘work’. It’s often very intense with long days and well, practically no nights. Sleep is fairly non existent. But it’s only once a year and it’s probably the biggest gathering of smart, geeky, passionate people I know. And it’s pretty awesome.

WP_20150719_003 (2)WP_20150725_014Katy Perry was our entertainement for the night: total turn-off. She was quite rude to the audience and was clearly there for the money. I find it a real shame artists do gigs like this if their heart’s not in it. WP_20150722_004  Our CFO is a bad-ass woman and a total inspiration as a career-woman. She’s not Beyonce, but she’s the Beyonce of IT.WP_20150719_002 6tag_270715-045508 WP_20150726_021 (2) 6tag_260715-161940I’m a little kid when it comes to themeparks, so obviously Universal Studios, and especially Harry Potter’s world had to be visited  WP_20150725_030 (2)No amount of filters can take away 9 days of conference, 9 days of parties, sleep deprivation and a jet-lag. But Butter Beer goes a long way in curing that energy deficient: sugarrrrDSC_1017(2)I met up with some of my fellow graduates from Lund in Budapest. We were able to get a Canadian, an Austrian, 4 Germans and a Dutchie all in the same place, at the same time. I find it comforting to have friends that can go 2 years without seeing one another and just pick up where we left off.

WP_20150808_006 WP_20150923_003 (2) WP_20150829_013 (4)

I’ve been to Amsterdam for both work and privately. Somehow, the homeland will always be there. For those dutchies amongst us: you can imagine my excitement – and gluttony – when I saw the truffel pepernoten in store. Mom got a new bullmastiff puppy. He’s full of mischief, but when he looks so cute, it’s hard to be stern with him.


Besides travels abroad I’ve been falling ever more in love with Sweden. I’m finally taking the time to explore the different corners of this country. It’s rugged coast-lines, it’s clear waters. Little eco-shops in the middle of yellow grasslands. Oh, Sweden, will I ever be able to leave you?

WP_20150920_002 (3)DSC_0266WP_20150920_004 (2)WP_20150920_005DSC_0142DSC_0002DSC_0027


No less, the capital is still my favourite place. Summers here just have some kind of magic over them. I’ve been mostly enjoying the long nights, stuffing my face with home baked cakes on the archipelago islands, the hour-long sunsets, running a bit here and there and surely… no Swedish summer is complete without a wedding!

WP_20150803_018 (3) WP_20150815_002 6tag_130815-222539WP_20150820_001 (3)WP_20150816_006 (2)WP_20150831_007 (2) (2) DSC_0440

pretend #Girlboss

Ever since the 14th of July I’ve stepped in to a crazy whirlwind. I’ve changed jobs. The learning curve is steep, and this might sound very mundane, but… I like it! As some of you might remember from a while ago, I explained a bit on what I actually do for a living. I’ve now changed roles and work for both Sweden and Finland focussing only on computer hardware (que the nerd-alarm). Boy, what did I get myself into. All of the sudden I’m working with massive data entries and 6 different teams. I’ve even become an Excel-Ninja.  And believe me, there are multiple times I’ve asked myself: why did you even say YES to this role. But in the end, the cliché is true: no one ever grew from staying in their comfort zone. So now, every once in a while, I get to walk on the grounds of the former Nokia head offices. I still remember the first time I’d ever had a mobile phone: the Nokia 3310. Do you remember that magical feeling you had? and when you got your customized cover?! or when they implemented lightning, so you could play snake at night under the covers?. Can’t believe that’s only 13 years ago. There’s so much history here and they’ve completely changed over time. There’s lots of ‘secret projects and restricted-entry floors’ kinda stuff there, to which I clearly don’t have any access. But I still feel kinda cool just being able to walk through the corridors.

WP_20150825_09_44_08_Pro(1) (2) (2) WP_20150909_003 (3)THE HOME

To top my stress-levels I’ve decided to sell, and buy, apartments. The Stockholm housing market is insane, and I doubt I’ll ever dare to do this again, but I’ve rolled the ball so now I just have to hang in there. Here’s some snaps of my current place that’s out for sale here

mjolnerbacken-77-sundbyberg-rissne_374928 mjolnerbacken-77-sundbyberg-rissne_374939mjolnerbacken-77-sundbyberg-rissne_374940

I’ve gotten so much nice feedback from people on my place, which is a huge compliment. Too bad none of you live in Stockholm, otherwise you could have bought it!

There, if that ain’t a ‘real’ update for you….

I’ll try to post a bit more



  1. That’s def a real update! <3 Congrats on the job, love the pic of the against the sunset and feel ya on the 'oh life is great' updates everyone seems to be posting… although I must admit I am probably contributing to that myself as well. But sometimes enjoying life offline is just as good as it gets.

  2. Ik had hier een hele reactie getypt, maar nu is die weg. Super irritatant. Wat ik dus wilde zeggen, blij om een update te krijgen 🙂 Wat kom je toch op een mooie plekken! Ik snap wat je bedoelt over het bloggen, ik heb er de laatste maanden ook last van. Al dat ‘alles is super leuk, tof en ik ben zoooo gelukkig’ komt me soms de strot uit. Begrijp me niet verkeerd, negativiteit is ook niet alles, maar serieus, niet alles is ALTIJD leuk. En dat hoeft ook helemaal niet (tenminste dat vind ik). Soms heb je gewoon een rotdag en is alles stom. En dat moet ook kunnen toch?! X

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