Oh Oh Oslo

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DSC_0297One of my favourite places in the world is definitely Norway. With it’s soaring waterfalls, mirrorflat fjordlakes and countless hues of green, this country really has peacefulness and beauty hanging over it. Last May I visited with my mom. It was her first time and she’s not much of a hike-lover so we did a city trip in Oslo. Although it being the capital, it feels so homely. It’s actually rather different than Bergen and Stavanger. Bergen is all about its studentlife and Stavanger, well, about its oil, which come with luxurious beach- and island houses. Basically in all, a good excuse to visit multiple of Norway’s cities.

Mostly what we did was to drink coffee in pretty much every area. Eat, eat, drink, eat some more and walk a little bit, then eat some more. One of my favourite meals was at a burger joint in the Ostbanehallen. Slightly embarrassed to say we ate 3 meals there!

Very often I find that people think Norway is quite expensive, and yes with €5,50 coffees in cafe’s, it can seem like that, but I personally find it quite reasonable.
When you’re with two I can actually recommend staying in a hotel rather than a hostel. Hostels start at 60 euro’s pppn, while we for example stayed at the Radisson Blu Plaza, one of the city’s best hotels for €55,- pppn including delicious buffet breakfast. As well as having the comforts of proper beds, a gym, rooftop pool and sauna. When you go camping around the country or do a roadtrip to hike the fjords, you can stock up at several supermarkets and make it completely low-budget. Sure, it’s no Spain or Portugal when you look at average costs, but with these views, the little extra dime is so worth it.

Ever been to Norway? What’s your favourite part to visit?




  1. Jaaaaa, mijn aller aller lievelingsstad 🙂 Ik ga zaterdag weer voor 2 weken 🙂 HiepHoi!

  2. Liefde voor Noorwegen! Ik ben er meer dan 10 jaar terug geweest met mijn ouders toen we een rondreis door het land maakten. Wat een natuur, ik heb de hele reis met open mond in de auto gezeten 😉 Tot dan toe kende ik alleen Zwitserland, en ik vond het allemaal net wat indrukwekkender. De fjorden, het groen, de meren (met ijs, hoogzomer!); en de steden waren schoon en de mensen prachtig.

    Ik dacht al dat dat je moeder zou zijn; wat een vrolijke foto’s 🙂

    • Jaaa, het is ook echt een van m’n favoriete bestemmingen! Zwitserland en Oostenrijk zijn ook prachtig, maar het is net als wat je zegt, net iets anders.

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