A month of travel

Today marks the start of a month-long travel trip. I’ll be visiting Croatia, Montenegro, Orlando, Amsterdam and Budapest in the next 30 days! I am, as you can probably imagine super excited about it. It’s part work – part holiday, but I’m sure it will all be a ball. I’ll be going to the states for a conference and then I’ll be sticking around a few days to do Universal Studios. I am a total kid when it comes to themeparks, I even bought some special Toy Story, Harry Potter and Mickey shirts to coordinate with the days (yes, if you don’t know by now: I’m a geek).

But first I’m flying down south to the heat of Dubrovnik and Budva. Any one who’s ever been here before? I’ve only been in Istria so far and have yet to explore the south. I’ve actually gotten the tip to go down to Montengro as Dubrovnik is so popular these days, it’s crawling with GOT fans and sunseekers. If there’s any one reading this while I’m there, please drop a tip below. The weather’s been pretty crappy in Sweden this week – also called ‘a Swedish summer’ – with 15 degrees and lots of rain, so it feels very good to soak up some sun and bake in some 35 degrees warmth. Deeeeelish.

I’ve even planned some posts ahead to make sure this place doesn’t go dead silent in the next few weeks (I can garantuee, I did a little happy dance just now). Other than that I’ll just be exploring and clowning around like my regular self. Got my hands on a nice GoPro 4, so now I can also finally expand my movies a little.

Have a great summer everyone!



  1. Heaven, zoveel reisjes in 1 maand! Fijne vakantie 🙂

  2. O man wat heerlijk! Heel veel plezier. Ik ben wel een beetje jaloers dat je naar de Universal studio’s gaat 🙂 Dat lijkt me zoooo tof! X

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