Wonderful Wizardly World of Edinburgh

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Not even 24 hours has passed since I’ve returned to Swedish soil and I’ve already been browsing Skyscanner for tickets back to Scotland. After visiting Edinburgh over the weekend, I am sure, I have GOT to see more of this country. It has really blown me away. While stalking Michelle’s stories (thank you!) on the city and Scottish highlands, I once spotted a relatively cheap ticket. Clearly, I don’t have to mention my booking confirmation arrived 3 minutes later in my inbox. Scotland here I came!

Granted I’ve seen it under some pristine conditions. It’s certainly not very common to have 2 out of 3 days in the blisfull sun when visiting the known country of gloom, doom and rain (which I had the other 1 day fyi). But I am sure of it: These Scots are secretly keeping this city to themselves, and I can imagine why!

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From the moment I entered the bus into the city it felt like driving into a fairytale. Like I’ve woken up in a grown-up Harry Potter town. The inspiration JK Rowling pulled for her books is drooping off from the buildings, wildlife, parks and people. Every cornerstone and little street is as colorfull, quaint and cozy. And every little tucked away coffeeshop or pub has that warmth and friendliness only encountered in Scotland. Even the Starbucks on the main road had the atmosphere! – Yes I had to hide from the rain and really needed caffeine! -.  I’ll be visiting the Wizard Express in Univeral Studios, Orlando this summer, but I doubt it’ll come close to the real-deal.

Pretty much everything is on walking distance, while you still feel you’re in a capital town. Plus, they have a great mountain to climb, in the middle of the city! That’s not to think the rest of the city is flat, oh no. My Dutch touchy was slightly used to Stockholm heights, but Edinburgh is basically one big stairmaster. My ass is on fire. I could barely walk the stairs at the work today.
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'Jump on 2!' Jumps on 1.87sec

DSC_0426Not only the people, but also fellow travellers where a great meet. I drank coffee with some lovely Scots I met in Australia (5 years ago! imagine how the time flies) and have met a bunch of new fellow friendly globetrotters. The smile can’t be swiped off my face today. I’ll make sure to write a post about places to visit, eat, drink, wander, climb, explore and what not. But for now, I’m soaking up some good old pictures and smiles. Oh, and browsing the web for new tickets
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How was your weekend? Did you go out ‘n explore? Or a lazy day of catching up on OITNB?


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  1. Oh hier wil ik heen! Ik ga in oktober samen met een vriendin weg, we weten alleen nog niet waar we heen willen. Dit lijkt me een goede optie 🙂 X

    • Jaa, ik vond ‘t zo’n leuke stad! en je kan er heerlijk in koffie tentjes wegkruipen als het buiten zo schots ‘gloomy’ kan worden

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