An immigrant in Sweden, pt IV


  • When the office is completely empty on an April day, you know it’s officially spring. ‘working from home’ huh?

  • The fear I have of checking my bankaccount after a night out in Stockholm because I was too tipsy to remember what I actually purchased drank

  • They’re all fashion bloggers

  • Don’t mention the Finnish hockey team.

  • Ikea Kungens Kurva, damn you, damn you!

  • Ikea saturday 14.00, Ikea Tuesday 18.00. Ikea pretty much every day and every moment. Best patience test.

  • I don’t care about Östermalm. I can’t. I’m too poor.

  • Befriend as many people a possible who have summerhouses on Sandhamn, and in Skåne, and on Gotland.

  • The tunnelbana is a war zone. First you gotta fight those bastards sneaking through with you. Then you gotta fight your way through the masses (ursäkta mig!) and at last it’s a fight to get a seat. ASAP. We don’t give a damn about the elderly or pregnant.

  • The guy who gets on at skt. Eriksplan and finds out he forgot his iPhone when we arrive at Solna station, apocalypse now!

  • We graduate with style. Y’all. In the back of my dad’s farmvan. In white. Being boozed up.
  • Laundry times are more important than hanging out in town. Just accept that fact. It’s not you, it’s them.

  • Kubbs

  • When they say there’s no waiting line on the ice?
  • Or that they’ve pooped in the blue pantry? What the.. ? You did what now?!
  • Surstrommning. Just Google Bing it. UNLEASH THE DRAGONS



  1. Ha, zo leuk om te lezen dit 🙂

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