An immigrant in Sweden, prt III


  • Don’t mention the prettiness of Norway. And its Fjords. And its money.
  • When I’m told it’s socially unacceptable to talk to people you don’t know
  • ‘Immigrants are such a hassle’ Ok, well, um, would you like me to take that 14 grand in taxmoney with me?!
  • Systembolaget Friday 17.45PM
  • ‘You’re actually carrying money on you? As in notes and coins?’
  • Taco Fridays.
  • 3 minute metro delays. This CAN NOT be happening.
  • And excuse me, why isn’t the conductor announcing why?! Let’s fiddle around and look anxiously back and forth.
  • Ok, 4 minutes now. I best be calling my wife/boss/friend I’m running terribly late.
  • ‘You’ve only just left?! I have been running to get this subway with delays and now you’re telling me it’ll take 7 more minutes before you pick me up?’
  • When Swedes still find Julmust in January. Abandon Ship. Abandon Ship.
  • When påskmust arrives in February. Because it’s so fundamentally different.
  • Whatever you do, don’t lock eyes. Do not stare!
  • Swedes incisively staring at you on the tunnelbana after you came from the gym. I sweat, yes! Deal with it!
  • 20 Euro’s for a bottle of the wine from the liquor store seems very reasonable about now
  • The moment I arrive in Amsterdam (or any other part of Europe south of Denmark) is the moment I start spending just for the sake of spending
  • You no longer need a knife and a fork. Pizza’s we eat with scissors.
  • When newbie’s ask if March will have warm days.loveEllen


  1. Ik vind deze posts zo heerlijk om te lezen he 🙂

  2. Haha 3 minutes of delay 😛 En wauw je nieuwe site is leuk! En je naam ook! Nu nog onze ict site en we hebben supermooie websites!

    • ha, ja dat is bijna niet meer te vergelijken met de Nederlandse Spoorwegen.
      Thanks!! ben er ook erg blij. Zit nog wel constant veranderingen door te voeren (net als jij volgens mij 😉 )

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