An immigrant in Sweden, pt. II


  • After Midsummers and on the 6th of January I always wonder if there’s been an apocalypse. Helooo-ooo-ooo-ooh?

  • Kannelbulle. EVERY DAMN DAY. I simply can’t resist the cinnamon smell

  • Getting a contract or place in Stockholm is impossible, how can people move every year and upgrade their places +200k each time?

  • The fear in Swedes’ eyes when I approach them to ask which of the bus-lines would be the correct one I need to take

  • Why do you even ask if you should visit winter in Sweden? There are 6 other months you know

  • People holding the tunnelbana doors open so their friends can come in. No No.

  • People calling loudly on the tunnelbana. No No.
  • Accidentally grazing the toes of the person across from you during the 5PM metro-rush. No No
  • Skipping the line. No No.
  • Drinking in public isn’t illegal, just frowned upon. Gimme that beer!
  • Before the movies someone comes out to do an announcement of the movie. I a yellow, pink, red jacket. With a Microphone. For 5 Minutes. Wait what?!
  • When I see people from my country after being used to the stylish Swedes for so long.
  • Now that I’ve finally switched to jibber Swedish, they continuously want to talk English with me. COME ON!
  • 4 day weekends
  • 5 day weekends
  • Oh yes, and 6 weeks of leave
  • basically a 2 month long spring-break
  • The Swedish stud next to you on the red line has definitely spent more time in front of the mirror than you have.


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