An immigrant in Sweden, pt. I


  • It’s completely accepted to be in a hardcore business meeting and all of the sudden put black stuff on your front teeth.
  • The relief when someone in the room says ‘I think we should take a Fika break’
  • Mysfredag, myslördag, myssondaaaaaaag. Oh crap. Mondag
  • The warmth running through my veins when Swedes compliment my 6year old Swedish.
  • They don’t need a god, they have Zlatan
  • The bars in summer, and the Swedes in it. Uh huh.
  • The pride I feel when my Swedish friends buy orange sweaters with Amsterdam on it.
  • Falafal at 3AM
  • Yeah, good luck pronouncing barnmoerske or självbevattningskruka. Feel my pain.
  • The Candy Isle, and the Natural Candy Isle. Why hasn’t every culture in the world copied this yet?!
  • Christmas is only 1 day, and it’s not even on Christmas, what is this absurdity?
  • On the other hand, MELLANDAGSREA! What is this absudity?
  • When Swedes join in on your orange craziness because Sweden didn’t make the qualifying rounds. ‘Friends gather ’round!’
  • That moment you realise the SL card abbonemang has ended. ‘but bus driver, can’t you see I’ve paid for the last 7 months straight in a row?!’
  • I now live in a cheaper taxzone in Stockholm, booooooyah! DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS Y’ALL
  • The sound Swedes use to say yes: ‘mmmmm, ush, uuh, gasp, uhhuhuh, juste, burp’
  • Stockholm doesn’t need a zoo, here they have Södermalm
  • The amount of Volvo’s in the garage at work


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  1. Serieus, ik zou alleen al naar Zweden willen omdat er maar één dag Kerstmis is. Voor mij al één dag te veel, maar beter dan twee 🙂

    • ooh, ja, ik vind het hele ‘moeten’ rondom kerst ok heel vreemd. Maar ik hou van boeken lezen, de wereld die ineens helemaal stil is en schaamteloos de All You Need is Love kerstspecial kijken. Het is heel vreemd dat kerst al over is, voor het eigenlijk begonnen is 🙂

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