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Wanted to share some lush green snaps of the last trip to BALI. I’m currently actually in Vilnius, Lithuania, but somehow when I’m away I make/have time to work an hour here and there on blogging. Ok, 5 photo’s does not make a blogpost. I actually first spend an hour going through all my photo’s and video’s reliving the beauty that is Bali. And then I spend 30 minutes on Instagram, and then another 30 on Bloglovin’.  The jig’s up.
Here in Vilnius spring has started and I’m just so amazed to experience how different the world is, naturally but also culturally. I mean Vilnius is only an hour away from my beloved Stockholm, and already so different.

For me Bali was also such an experience. Even though we Europeans say ‘South-East-Asia’ and then think it’s all one and the same, I find there’s such diversity between Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. I mean, even in Indonesia, Java is completely different from Bali, and those also hugely differ from Jakarta. I can sometimes feel like one of those horrible Japanese tourists who do ‘Europe in 7 days’. It’s taken me 25 years to explore parts of Europe and I’m still not done, so rest assured Asia has more in stock too.

The 2nd stop on our trip was Ubud, which is actually rather small. We stayed in this ‘hotel’ in the middle of the jungle, and I say ‘hotel’ ’cause it actually wasn’t. It was more like a bungalow. Now, I was travelling with my mom, who’s got some pretty high standards and I guess I missed the mark with this one. But at least we got a good Jane-in-the-Jungle experience out of it. At night there were creepy crawlers and little gecko’s all over our little establishment during the day we took a dip here and there in the pool whilst sipping Mango Lassi (nom nom nom). In general Ubud made me feel very much like yogi-roadkill. I’ve understood that after Eat, Pray, Love the craze has gone mental, and it definitely shows.


For me the best part of spending time in the region was during a bike trip we did. We went way inland and got to really see the countryside. The taste of fresh lychee, the smell of tea-plants and cockatoo’s surfing through the rainforest. I think green might be one of my favourite colours.
Which actually leads me to find Vilnius gorgeous. It’s so green here!! Even though I’ve visited Riga and Poland, the eastblock still remains to have this grey stereotype around it. So in order to prove myself wrong, I’m off to more exploring and hiking! Hope you’re all using your 1st of may holiday to your likings. Hejdå!!

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