Bali – Seminyak

I’ve died and gone to heaven. Tropical heaven. Food heaven. (be prepared for a picture overload)
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DSC_0769WatercressDSC_0714DSC_0724 DSC_0722 DSC_0716   Seaside Bar
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Arriving in Bali has been so amazing. The trip got postponed a little, but I’m actually really happy to be here in April. Raining season has just passed by, so the island is green and fresh.

I must admit I’ve been having some workaholic detoxification, because I’m so used to checking up (and replying to mail) on the go. So especially now that I have had my jet-leg (aka, waking between 1AM and 3AM every night) it’s tempting not to chow down some work. But in general it’s PURE BLISS here.

We first stayed in Seminyak, ’cause it’s close to the airport and has gorgeous sunsets. We were in this beautiful quaint resort on the north part, close to the surfers area of Canggu

Most importantly THE FOOD! Oh my god, it’s sooooo good. The main reason I chose to stay in Seminyak first, is because I read there were so many good places to eat. And after my trip in Argentina where I was mostly sick with foodpoisoning I decided it was to for some Grade A meals. And boy, does Seminyak deliver. Everything is so fresh and delicious and the cups of java, mmm mmm mmm. MUMS. I stopped by Livingstone, as this was all the rave on the Bali Bible and other travelblogs, but to be honest, this was the least one of them. It was good, but we’ve been to faaaar better places. My favourite? Watercress.  The drool still comes when I think of their tuna or mahi mahi, or apple crumble, or…. basically their entire menu. Another good one was the Sea Circus Bar, in the centre of Seminyak. They’re Acai bowl, . Ok I think you get the point. If you’re ever in Seminyak, leave te shopping for what it is, just go barhoppin’.

Besides good cafes, Seminyak is known for their sunset bars, like Potato Head, Double Six, Moziac and the WOObar at the W hotel, where each place allows for some 25-35 year olds to show off and drink up. It wasn’t really my scene, but I think if you’re with a group of friends or with a partner it could be good fun.

This is how I’ve spent my Easter, hope yours was great as well!!

Sorry I haven’t edited any of the pictures, so some are so-so, but still wanted to share all the spots.
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  1. Nou die foto’s hoeven ook echt niet bewerkt de worden hoor! Prachtig! Ik kan me voorstellen dat het lastig is je werk aan de kant te leggen, maar ik hoop dat het je lukt! Ben je er samen met je vriend? X

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