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bertoia-diamind-chairsEver since I’ve been living in the land of vikings, salmon and designers I’ve started to gain a lot more interest in Scandinavian interior designers. Yes, queue the cliché. When I bought my apartment that meant endless crafting, IKEA, Reforma, Granit and colormatching. For my bankaccount that clearly meant: abandon ship, I repeat, abandon ship. First I had a total thing for lamps, and over the last months I’ve gathered some really cool lamps. Perk is, lamps are everywhere at 2nd hand shops and you can buy industrial ones, globes, gold, copper, reds etc. all for a few bucks. I’ve even had some (or mostly) DIY projects of which I’m unsure whether to put up online. ‘I totally like it’, might not mean I should share it with the world.

But now. Now, I’m on to chairs. Uh oh.  And boy do those come cheap, not. I’ve tried to scout second hand, but there, it’s mostly Joey recliners. Nah-ah. Not gonna happen. So I resorted to the wonderful web. No elbowing through the thriftstore crowd but blissfully pinning and browsing away.

So in December I ordered my first one. A fibreglass Eames RAR rocker that had to be shipped from the UK. And this week it finally arrived, and I must say, it was worth the wait. Talk about delayed gratification. The place is finally coming together and a pop of color fits right in. There’s tons of plastic replica’s, but I must say it’s totally worth the extra few bucks to purchase fibreglass. But now…. now… I’m in ‘the zone’. They’ve gotten me in my grip, dammit.

Being such an obsessed Wegner fan, I also ordered my very own Wishbone chair 6aab74dc6c4e72cf6fab9aee964553de 2dee36aec4701d8f9562121a2de69dc8

And as if that’s not enough I’m doubting between the Bertoia diamond chair and the Plywood Eames. I mean… there’s a reason they’ve both been dubbed as ‘the chair’, although the eames’ one got ‘of the century‘ as extra pink ribbon added to it.
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At the same time I’m thinking ‘Ellen, how bloody stupid are  you for spending money on furniture!’. So I might have to back down.

Or not.

I’m actually slightly, overly, obsessed with The Swan by Arne Jacobson. Like that’s ever gonna happen.

There’s also the classic Panton. Although I hated it at first (it reminds me of my Barbie dollhouse I had when I was little), it’s one of those things that you all of the sudden find beautiful. Even though it’s ugly. Yet beautiful. Yeah, you’re totally getting my mindframe.

Which one(s) do you like best?
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  1. Holy Moly Ellen! Hij is zoooo tof! Ik heb met mijn vader de deal gesloten dat zodra ik in mijn eerste ‘echte’ niet studentenkamer woon ik dezelfde stoel krijg 🙂 X

    • Ha, jaa, ik dacht ook dat t wel paste in m’ n grote-mensen-apartment. Wel gevaarlijk, want dan wil je er alleen maar meer 😉 misschien dat je via je blog wat zou kunnen regelen? vast wel een vd resellers die daar interesse in zou hebben

  2. Oh wauw, supermooie items. Die blauwe stoel!

  3. Oh wauw zo mooi. Die blauwe stoel, must have!

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