Skönt att komma hem

After a couple of months with on-again-off-again travel for both work and private purposes, I’m home for a couple of weeks now. And it is sooo good. I’ve picked up the house renovation again and spring’s in the air. Ok, not quite. But the snow’s melting fast and I wake up with the birds chirping in the morning. We might as well get another few weeks of snow, but I’m keeping my stubborn mind on ‘SPRINGTIME’. I have a massive amount of pictures from my trip to Argentina, but haven’t had the change to go through them yet. It’s simply too many. So I decided instead to focus on the house. My clothes, hands and hair are covered in paint, wall-filler and cement, but the results are finally showing itself off (Read: I look pretty hot dandy (but honestly awful) when I’m butch, bring on the drill! It’s the new beauty routine to get that Builder Bob look. The house is looking ok too fyi)
DSC_0554  DSC_0503
This week I was up ‘north’ in Sweden. Not that far north, but anything above Stockholm feels far away (yes I admit it, I’ve become a Stockholm snob). Been on a little roadtrip with my co-workers, which consisted of a lot of empty and snowy roads. But also Reindeer! And Ice! And snowangels! All in all I love being on the road in Sweden. It feels like being in one of those Volvo commercials. Queue Zlatan ‘Jag vill leva i Sverige’. There’s hundreds of km’s of white beauty, scattered red houses and thick forests. Curious as to what it’s like? press play!

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  1. Wat een ontzettend fijn filmpje! Sneeuw is geweldig, alhoewel ik ook blij ben dat de lente er inmiddels weer aankomt! En Vemdalen, zo fijn! Ik mag er met de Pasen weer heen!

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