Dear C.,

When I first met you, it was like I was punched in the stomach, hard.
There was so much confusion, and with our language barrier I barely understood you.
However, you took my breath away at first sight.
Felt tears and no fears.
Where had you been all my life?
Maybe I just didn’t recognize you in the crowd.
Maybe I didn’t know what I was looking for.
Now, we can argue for hours and at times you make me wanna crash things to the wall.
You drive me crazy.

C, magic, you’re magic.
Up all nights.
There’s barely any time to physically recover from our efforts.
You make me better.
You make me a wizard.
With the touch of my fingers I can do anything with you.


Mardi Grass, Sydney



I love you Code.
I look forward to meeting your friends in the next couple of years


PS. New website in the making. Peace out. Over
Sign off


  1. Bij het lezen van jouw berichten weet ik nooit zo goed wat ik moet zeggen omdat je alles zo mooi verwoord. Dus bij deze ben ik ook weer even stil bij het lezen van deze lieve loveletter. X

    • thanks Karlijn! Momenteel is m’n liefde helaas alweer veranderd naar haat. Maar als ik straks front-end alles up and running heb is het weer liefde 😉

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