That time Amsterdam met Sweden

WP_20140830_033 WP_20140830_01420140830124945About 1,5 month ago I was back in familiar Amsterdam. In my year that is topping all the charts travel- and work wise, I’m combining a lot of businesstrips with some good old sightseeing. Just plain exploring and holidaying, even in my home-country . So one sunny July afternoon me and 5 friends decided to have a wild weekend in Amsterdam at the end of summer (in all fairness, we’re not so wild anymore). As most of us had been overseas for work over summer, and therewith diminishing our days of lounging in Stockholm parks or visiting our summer-stuga’s (oh, it’s such a tough life, not) we were set on having some careless fun:

By the famous words of my friend: ‘don’t go over 30 child, don’t do it’


Hope everyone’s having a wonderful fall! I’ve been a bit ‘off-the-grid’ on all social accounts as I’m ploughing through love, life & work. Time flies. Period. With and without the fun.

Also, I bought an apartment. Bankloans, packing, paintsamples and all that stuff apparently take a lot of time.

Sign off


  1. Wowaaa, je hebt een appartement gekocht?! Super! Gefeliciteerd! Wil je vertellen waar? Ik vind al jouw (werk) reizen toch zo tof. En je maakt fijne filmpjes! Fijn om weer even iets van je te horen. X

  2. Good for you, a young person like you who has so much sense is quite rare but refreshing. Congratulations.

  3. Wow, een grote mensenbeslissing, maar holy crap wat slim! En wat een heerlijk huis. Gefeliciteerd!

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