Videograhpy first attempt: Turkey

Hello hello hello there! How’s everyone doing? I’m doing a final sprint with work these days before I fly off tomorrow. HOLLAND, HOLLAND.  I couldn’t have picked a better time. Now with the world-cup and ‘our’ (don’t jinx it) winning streak, the Dutchies have reunited as a people. So I’ll be watching the game Sunday in Amsterdam. I have a small gap of blogging-time now since I also need to pack all my s%#) today. Of course doing things according to my true style: packing for a weekend trip, a sauna day and a 4 days festival in 3 hours, yes sir. But organized as I am with my obsessive planning, I have several packing lists ready, so here we go! Before I go off-the-grid I wanted to share this with you.

First movie I ever put together! I always take several (boring) clips when on holidays and then I never end up doing anything with them. As it’s usually three totally random video’s with bad quality. So during one day in Turkey I tried to tape several video’s. Now, I’m not saying this is a super-duper video, but hey I gave it my best shot. Things I need to get: a tripod and a steady hand. Hope it gives a relaxed impression of our trip. Any one good pointers on taping?

deeplink here

Other than that, Hälsingar, puss och kram, vi ses i 2 veckor!

Sign off

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  1. Mooi ook met die muziek erachter. En je kan echt goed filmen hoor! Niet zo onzeker zijn, het is super gedaan.

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