Spring’s certainly here, but just 2 weeks ago it was still winter all-around. For work we had a 2 day conference at Sandhamn. More or less the hamptons of Sweden, far out in the Stockholm Archipelago. In high-summer the rich and not so famous flock here for their yachtraces and beach drinking in their hoity toity outfits, but now it was just perfect. Quiet, silent and with an almost aerie feel of desolation.

How when you walk all by yourself on an island which was inspiration for 5 thrillers and 11 murders (Vivica Stens ‘morden i Sandhamn’) and you encounter creepy deserted sheds and abandoned schools, that kind of feeling. But nonetheless, we stayed at this luxurious hotel, obviously something far from my usual hostel life. So all I could think was ‘wow’. It’s almost the epitome of stereotypical Sweden.IMG_6602 modifiedIMG_6547IMG_6559 modifiedIMG_6543 modifiedIMG_6596 modified IMG_6439 modifiedIMG_6429 modifiedIMG_6443 modifiedIMG_6538 IMG_6566 IMG_6594IMG_6413 IMG_6626IMG_6533 modified IMG_6607 IMG_6617 IMG_6455 modifiedIMG_6448 modifiedIMG_6576 modified IMG_6514 modified IMG_6528 modified IMG_6544 modified

Anyone else still living in a Winter Wonderland out there? (Canadian or Norwegian readers?)

Summer Spring can now certainly come!love sign


  1. Looks beautiful! I’m a huge fan of those murder mystery novels by Camilla Lackberg that are set in Fjallbacka and I totally picture it looking like this (not the same place I know, but on the water!).

  2. Wat een cadeautje om door deze foto’s heen te kunnen bladeren. ? Wat een goede sfeer heb je met deze foto’s overgebracht, ontzettend mooi. Raar te bedenken dathet bij jullie een maand geleden nog zo was… wij hebben nul winter gehad helaas.

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