My my, does the time fly: Riga

It’s amazing how life has gotten in 5th gear since I’ve been living in Sweden. Exactly one year ago already I was visiting Riga with my Dad. It was ICE cold, literally, the sea froze over (pretty cool to be walking on a frozen sea though) and we definitely weren’t as prepared for it as we had hoped. We more or less had the idea of ‘let’s book for March, it should be spring then right?’ Uh, right, hello -16! So braced with 6 layers, thermo-clothing and three pairs of gloves we entered the city streets.

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Still, it’s super nice to have had a small trip with my dad. Me flying in from Sweden and him from the Netherlands, making a new place feel instantly like home. Obviously we did quite a bit of walking and sightseeing in Riga itself, but a daytrip to Jurmala, and our G.I. Joe experience made the trip complete .

Riga was a pleasant surprise, and I look forward to seeing what the other Baltics have in store for me. Overall it’s a city of contrasts; old meets new, east meets west and poverty and the riches walk side by side. It’s got quite the culture on it’s own, which in turn creates excellent opportunities for some photo’s. Too bad it was -16. Now that I’ve been living in Scandinavia I’ve learned about the ‘different’ colds, and truth be told, the one in the Baltics is quite horrible. The kind of humid-goes-straight-to-your-bones cold with pinching wind gusts. So Riga is definitely a recommendation, except maybe not during winterish March, brrr.


  1. Coole foto’s! Ik vraag me af of die kou wat voor mij zou zijn XD

  2. Oh wow! Mijn oma vertelde vroeger vaak over de winter dat de IJssel bij Deventer bevroren was. Toen konden ze naar de overkant lopend over het ijs ipv met de pont. Dat vond ik zo fascinerend, maar het was nooit meer koud genoeg daarna zodat ik het ook eens kon doen. Maar daarvoor moet ik dus naar Riga 🙂

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