Route 66 & Grand Canyon

Red gravel for days on end, old steam locomotives, dust clouds behind trucks, a fully loaded camper van and views that are literally too big to photograph. I’m talking about route 66 and a visit to the Grand Canyon. A world apart from a roadtrip through the Eastern States. Granted the route itself, or that part I’ve seen of it, isn’t all that exiting, but Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon certainly are. Running into Indian reserves, Harley Davidson café’s and all American buffets.
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P1070377 modifiedFooi veur Brooks!
The nature reserves in Arizona are enormous and it can be hours before you spot another person or vehicle. There’s a certain smell that hangs in the air and the open road only invites for adventure. The silence can be delicious and deafening at the same time. I think if there will be a next time, the perfect way to do it, is in an old Mustang, vroeeeem!

Have you ever been? Ever plan on going? 




  1. Oh wauw mooie foto’s! Would love to go there someday! En nee dus ben er nog niet geweest! P.s. jaaa Hawaii staat op de planning dit jaar (als antwoord op je reactie via mijn blo 😉

  2. Stunning. Grand canyon definitively is a place I want to visit at least once in my life!

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