The summerbreeze of the Alps

Oldies but Goodies. Switzerland, what a sight. My brother now lives in the Austrian Alps and must admit I AM JEALOUS: Skiing through winter and hiking, kayaking and biking through summer. Can think of worse things to do in your spare time. Every other year my family would load up the wagon and drive towards Austria or Switzerland, which ever was more favourable with the currency. We’d stay in these typical cottages and my brothers and I practiced our jodels, not realizing that’s actually a German thing. Every morning greeted me with fresh buns from the bakery and boots lined up in preparation for hikes, some more ‘epic’ than other. With epic, I mean blisters, burnt skins, people tumbling head-first off bikes, angry cows and dad trying to get the best shots, nearly falling off cliffs. It’s only now when I’m older that I realize active holidays are the best. The Alps hold memories from my youth. Both Switzerland and Austria have a little place in my heart.

Oh and check out this stunner: I’d definitely say we’re runway material.Fotos vakantie Zwitserland zomer 2006 237

love sign

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  1. Oh Ellen, wat een prachtige foto’s! En wat zie je er fantastische uit 😉

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