Missing the Australian Sunshine

Booze, a barbie on the beach and suntanning ’till the sun glistens at dusk. Tomorrow marks Australia Day, a celebration in awe of the the Brits ‘invading’ the shores down under (although the Dutchies were there first!!). This historical day is now usually marked by chillaxing on the beach, stuffing your face and drinkin’ ’till the wee hours; my kind of party! As my Facebook wall is already exploding with messages from Ozzies in preparation of the the big event, I look outside the window and realize the sheer contrast between there and here. God I miss the sun.

Already 4 (!) years ago I was living and working on Moreton Island, a national park off shore of Brisbane. For 7 months wild dolphins, jet-ski’s, ‘Oi mate’ and  asian tourist groups were part of my daily routine.  I miss waking up with sand between my toes, I miss hopping in the ocean 5 times a day and having a tan near to point of ‘roasted’. Where winter is 17 degrees and a light breeze, where sharks lure in the water and where snakes, spiders and beetles curl up in the corners of your house. It’s funny though that at the time, I was so used to the tropical paradise, I didn’t even notice its beauty any longer. Granted living on a secluded island ain’t all that, but it sure as hell beats the layers of icey snow outside my doorstep here. So for today, I’ll just dream away…
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any of you ever heard of Moreton Island? And which places do you long for with the harsh winter weather?

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  1. Wow, nice pics! It makes me also long for the australian sun… I don’t know Moreton Island, but (some years ago) I traveled the south and east coast from Adelaide to Airlie Beach. I can understand your longing, I would love to go back there someday!

  2. Wauw die foto’s zijn echt super! I can imagine u miss it. I traveled to Airlie Beach as well, but not Moreton Island.. xoxo

  3. Wat een prachtfoto’s, en wat een prachtzon. Ziet eruit als een heel mooie plek!
    En het is misschien gek… maar in de winter (vooral tijdens zo’n flutwinter als nu – ik heb nog steeds geen sneeuw gezien) verlang ik alleen maar naar échte winter. Zo een met flinke mingraden, fijne sneeuw, strakblauwe lucht en zon en vooral bergen om te gaan snowboarden. <3

  4. Nice! En daar ken je Suus dus van 🙂 it’s a small small world!

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