South-Africa: Addo National Elephant Park

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P1130688 modifiedP1130683 modifiedP1130776 modified P1130698 modified P1130715 - kopie modified P1130724 modified P1130730 modified70 Kilometres north of Port Elizabeth, South-Africa, you’ll find the Addo National Elephant Park. It’s actually the thrid biggest national wildlife park in South-Africa and it’s truly amazing. It holds over 350 protected Elephants and it’s breathtaking to see them act in a natural environment. I’ve experienced from up close with personal encounters and from far away as an onlooker how these animals act, interact and take care of one another. They really are one of the smartest mammals, next to dolphins, I’ve ever come in close contact with. Even though they were bathing, playing, eating and grubbing in the mud, they’re senses were always heightened and they were always aware of our presence, with their eyes peeking straight at me, ready to defend themselves if needed. P1130749 modifiedP1130751 modifiedSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA P1130802 modified P1130809 modified
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Out of the blue, some of them decided to set-in on a rumbling leap straight past the car. The whole ground shook with dust flying up and little ones nearly being trampled. Just so we knew our place aka “back off”. Addo National Elephant Park is definitely a recommendation for all those who wish to encounter different kinds of wildlife. Next to elephants, you’ll see zebra’s, ostriches, buffalo’s, wild pigs (hello Pumba!) and the springbok. It’s almost a guarantee to meet and see some of them.

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