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It’s monday again, actually one of my favourite days a week. My most productive and active days as well. We just got back from lovely Skåne. A ‘small’ weekend trip. Mind you, that’s a 650km drive. But man was it nice to be in the south again, sure love Malmö and Lund. We went to Panda da Panda in Mejeriet, nice and ‘spacey’ performance, crazy Swedes. I also bought shitloads of swedish, norwegian and alpaca wool, so if you like super soft and cozy beanies and mittens, check the webshop soon!

So to start of this week positively I’m putting some Swedish tracks into the blogosphere again. Last time I posted these, and this week it’s once again time for some nice tunes. Some bands you might know already (Mando Diao) but others probably not. Well, I’ll shut my mouth now, time to listen 🙂

Detektivbyrån – reminds me a little of Yann Tiersen, but with a funky twist

Panda da Panda

Mando Diao – one of my favourite Swedish songs

Shout out louds

Laleh – I actually like her English albums better

Mrs Laura

Ok, have a good week! The sun’s out again so go out for a run, bootcamp training or a hike! Enjoy it

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