The Online Controversy: Bikini selfies spotted by LinkedIn recruiters?

It has taken me quite some time to open up on the internet again. I really DID NOT LIKE social media for a long time, mostly ’cause some people very frantically hashtag everything, #everything! Or I’d either receive messages about the benefits of have a penile implant after I logged on somewhere with fb. I tend to be very critical about media developments. Believe me, I understand how tablets, Iphones and blackberries work, I just don’t like ‘m that much (gasp! She really said that?). I mean, seriously Apple, why does it have to take so long to turn on a freaking phone? Things need to work properly and efficiently, that’s why I like Android. On the other hand, with social media, a range of platforms has risen which gives me the chance to learn about other people and businesses. I like to be creative with photography and visualize my ideas through Adobe CS, and the blogosphere is the perfect place to publish. But I’m noticing I’m much more online now, and I’m not sure whether I like it. 


my whole life is becoming more and more digital: Skype interviews.
Also: my first and last selfie!
(Yes, I harass my webcam in order to relax a little before or after, I’m human after all)

I mostly don’t like social media because of the invasion in everyday life. Sitting in a cafe with friends who are constantly on their phone and taking insta-snaps of the pretty coffee, I mean come on?! Is that what I’ve travelled half an hour for? To not talk to you? The Fear Of Missing Out seems to be growing more and more with people checking every ping that pops up. But honestly, when I didn’t use social media, I didn’t miss anything. If you have FOMO check this post by Lianne for practice.
Mainly, the only thing I used was Facebook, and I was a big user in ’10. But after that I slowed down and used it purely for publishing my pictures. I kind of like and hate facebook. I’ve blocked and erased all wallmessaging, I’m the typical ‘pm me’ girl. I also have all those checks on that I need to approve before my (quite strange) fb name pop-ups anywhere and there’s no personal information visible. I have finally uploaded my first cover photo, ever, I’m so proud of myself. At one point, I systematically deleted people I rarely had contact with. But now I’m back in the 200’s! (Still can’t imagine having 700 or 800 ‘friends’, how much wall-clutter do you have?) If I ever offended you with this, I am really sorry for this, I am, but I just had this huge phobia about people spreading my pictures, haha, how vain was I?! I have luckily grown up and become a lot less self-centered, seeing as I now have this entire blog involved around my life.

Then there’s also the whole copyright question. I like to take my own pictures and publish them, but I’m happy it’s not my income. If was a commercial photographer in this day and age, I’d be seriously worried. Some pictures get copied and published under other people’s names thousands of times. Also, once a picture is hyped, how do you have control about the context? If you use and copy pictures from the web, from any medium, even pinterest you need to be aware of the potential consequences. Quite often I see ‘Pinsipiration’ posts on blogs and people don’t know they’re violating several laws here. I’m not a legal counselor, but I’ve read up quite a lot lately and it is possible a photographer can send you a cease and desist with a big fat fine. The thing I especially don’t get is when I see it on people’s blogs or pages who work in copywriting and publishing, isn’t it after all your job to know this? In general, if you run a blog or webpage, even for ‘fun’, these are things you need to think about.

Now with social media platforms all these new terms have been created stating once you post a picture it becomes public domain,which again is not entirely true. But still… nice, when a bikini selfie still floats around after 10 years and it’s ‘public domain‘? I’ve never published a selfie untill now, I also don’t like them at all, what’s the points of it?  (I’m one of those snoody people who frown upon it). I think we can’t really reprehended yet how things you publish now might have a negative backlash. Other than that, I just think there’s too much flesh in general on the web. Can’t open an instagram feed without a freaking bikini or butt picture. Then people say ‘Well live a little Ellen’. Don’t get me wrong if you want to commemorate your awesome body or face, do it, but are you doing it for the right reasons? Call me a prudish grandma, but I personally like to gamble with other things in life. I certainly don’t want to be used in any Catfish projects.

Also, what kind of freaks me out, but have you ever thought about what happens to all your accounts when you’re dead? What if you haven’t stated your passwords somewhere? You’d just have photos floating around. There are serious PhD candidates studying this. Apparently over 30 MILLION dead people have open fb accounts.

Ok, but back to me. Living in Sweden, fb has been the perfect platform to keep in touch with people. Now, I am starting to embrace all these other social media in my personal space. Not untill last february I made a LinkedIn profile, and it’s pretty awesome! Must say, it’s one of the platforms I like most, and it’s main purpose isn’t even focussed on people’s personal ‘I’ve been to the gym’ messages. There are so many interesting articles and influencers with genuinely good tips. But note people: your super hip fb-profile picture is not really LinkedIn material! I’ve heard from recruiters 80% of LinkedIn profile pictures aren’t really good (as in: it warns them off) or qualified for professional pages. Take the time to get a good one. Also be carfull with interlinking all your accounts. There’s a reason companes have a code of conduct, if you’re drunk on al your profilepictures, or have those above mentioned bikini selfies it’s a garantueed DECLINE on your resume

Instagram, like mentioned, I’m on the fence about. So I don’t use it. And apparently in the blogosphere Bloglovin’ is really popular, although I haven’t quite figured out it’s purpose. But now I’ve started to use twitter (fashionably late), pinterest (oh my god! Love pinterest!) and I have taken up blogging to air my ideas, beliefs and publish my pictures, but I’m taking it really slow: growth wise.

the campus in Phoenix, even before the smartphone the expansion was rising

If I want to I can turn on the machine and make it happen, but I just don’t want to. I get so many requests with follow for follow and ‘follow back’ or messages with ‘if you don’t follow me, I will unfollow you’, pff, gimmie a break! If I like your blog, I’ll find it on my own. Being popular doesn’t mean people will actually listen to you. Isn’t the whole point of having a blog to write, publish, create and hopefully have people reading it, instead of just creating likes and follows? As if your blog’s worth depends on that? as if your selfworth depends on that? (ok, technically, if you’d ever go commercial, your blog’s worth I mean, never your selfworth!) 

It’s also a bit daunting to know once I post something, it’s possible for anyone to see across the globe. With me being rather honest and vulnerable at times, it makes me question half the time whether I should be blogging at all. But then I’m reminded again about the creative possibilities and contact with otherwise unknown people, the inspiring stories I read and see and the feedback I get from you.

I need to stay close to what resembles my personality. I’d rather run a (in my eyes) good blog, than a bad one for a million people. I don’t like commercial blogs and I personally find fashion blogs and beauty blogs quite (read: extremely) boring. Maybe I’m too comfortable with my own style. I’ve discontinued with reading several blogs after they’ve gone too mainstream. I wish them all the best with their exposure and the chances they get, but I have found their writing becomes so different, so unpersonal.

So I figured I want to attract the right people, not the grey noise. As always, Quality over Quantity and Content is King. I’m really happy I have a steady base of readers who return everyday, that actually read my posts (yeeeeeeh! You guys rock!) and I get so much positive feedback from you. This is my little space on the internet, my body of work and I’m happy I have some people really reading it and taking some inspiration from it. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

Have a good week and enjoy a little bit of offline time as well 😉 

How do you feel about the social media? And about the extensive use of smartphones current day?love sign


  1. Everything has it’s place and time!

    The whole privacy thing and social media, and sharing is not for everyone. I use Instagram and Facebook to host short thoughts or images, and that saves space on my own web-host, and i can pull those images posts into my webpage if i want, without the content taking up any space on the server.

    If i could i would host everything my self and have complete control, but it’s hard to drive traffic to a personal web-page without the use of social media. It feels like most people and companies uses social media platforms for PR and connecting with a “community” ! But it’s pretty scary to know that Facebook and it’s likes has ALOT of power over people and the current social situation for many people.

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