Sweet Virginia (I)

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A home away from home: Virginia. A forgotten state with luscious forests and tucked away gems. Home to my gramps, who has just turned 86 and is still living the life. Home to childhood memories. Playing in the pool, summer bbq’s, sweltering heat, drives to the beach and discount shopping at TJ-max. Home to real American shopping (not the NY shopping). Home to dixiestops, gas stations and Elvis’ roadside cafe. Home to countless of fruitfarms, empty roads and wide fields. Home to wooden sheds, country stores, american thrift stores and malls. Home to the poor and the elite. Home to Christmas decorations in April, and horse grooming on Saturdays. Home to that house on the hill in the cul-de-sac. Home to family.love sign
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  1. Beautiful photos ! Stockholm looks like a great place to be in September. Unfortunately I have never been (yet).
    Heel mooie foto’s, prachtige plaats om te wonen.

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