Snoozy Sunday: Docu-time

Sunday’s are always so different to me. Last week was mega productive and today should be, but I’m still in my pj’s. All eyes are on NYC with thousands of healthy runners, but I’m chillin’ in my sweats with Ben&Jerry.

If you happen to be in the same mood as I am, but still want to see something interesting, I’ve picked the following documentaries:

Killing us Softly 4:
On the effects of advertising women. Jean Kilbourne has been researching and talking about this since the 70’s and feels there still is no change in advertising towards women. During my studies this has also been often been a topic when it comes to branding. The social stigma’s and labels run deep in our western societies. Every girl, lady and guy should watch this one:

Full documentary can be found here. Other ones are Killing us Softly  (1979), Still Killing us Softly (1989) and Killing us Softly 3 (1999) 

The tax Free tour:
The little economist in me finds this really interesting, but even if you’re not into economics at all, it’s a good documentary on tax-diversion in the world and how that creates poverty. Educate yourself. We’re all connected.

Both have English subs. Happy watching 😉

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