Roadtrippin’ Norway: Part IV

Yes, after a couple of weeks I finally have the next part of the Norway pictures ^^. We headed over to Kjerag, a much (much!) easier hike than Trolltunga. Yes, it was still a lot of climbing, with a total of 3 hills/mountains to ‘defeat’, but there were chains we could hold on to on the steep terrain en there was barely any snow. It was also prettier at first with more foliage and wandering streams to cross-over. IMG_4279DSC_0255

To get to the starting trail you need to drive all around the fjord, which is about 100 kilometers and includes 2 ferries, but please… take the designated road. We tried to go off -road and decided to camp near one of the ferries that goes directly to the trail. When we came there, there was no camp site, it was freezing, as it’s right next to the water, and we couldn’t reach the bookingservice anymore. So we winged it, slept illegally in the postoffice and hoped for the best, only to see the ferry go by the next morning without so much as honking towards us. We were lunatics on land, honking, waving and dancing to get it’s attention but nothing seemed to work.IMG_4267 modified IMG_4271 modifiedIMG_4269

So we drove back and took the official road. Luckily Kjerag isn’t that big of a hike and only takes about 3 hours, so we had plenty of time. On the way we stopped to get fresh water from a stream that comes from the famous VOSS. we ran into a hurlde of sheep and once again drove past Norway’s picturesque fjords.

Can’t say it enough: Norway is true beauty. If you ever get a chance to go, do it! I really want to go back and see more of it.

In essence this hike is much more popular and well known, even though the amount of people was still ok. There’s a big parking lot and normally you have to pay 100NK (about 13 euro’s) but come off-season and it’s free! Along the way you meet countless of fit people, so obviously I also had to ‘model on the mountain’, can’t have a scrapbook without one of those right?DSC_0251 IMG_4277 IMG_4286

Kjerag is mostly popular due to the big boulder stuck between two cliffs.It’s ffing scary (excuse the tone) to stand on it, herregud! my heart was pounding! It’s actually really slippery and per year a couple of lost souls fall off. But it was so worth the shot.IMG_4361 DSC_0323 modified IMG_4367 modified

Other than the boulder, there’s also the ‘nose’. A often forgotten ‘corner’, yet it has breathtaking views over the fjord. So if you’re ever there, make sure to stop by!SONY DSC DSC_0299
DSC_0290 IMG_4347 modifiedSONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_4289

ps. don’t pay too much attention to our fleece outfits, we went under the name ‘the hiking hobo’s’, gotta stay true to it you know.

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