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img_1313Hi guys, I haven’t updated a lot of text in a couple of days and got a message why not. As flattered as I am due to the request, I have to be honest that frankly sometimes I don’t want to as I want to deliver something I feel good about and at the moment I don’t have finished texts or inspiration (I’m still unsure about this whole blogging thing). But also ’cause I have to focus a bit on my professional life and my little shop. That being said…

On the other hand I have also gotten so many nice messages from you about my pictures, so sweet and so kind! I love to be behind the camera, so it’s nice to know I can brighten up a bit of your days with it as well. This country has certainly proven to be snap-worthy yearround. I also included some personal ones in here. There are still quite some pictures in store from the summer and some roadtrips, so I’ll make sure to bomb you with those 😉

Most of Sweden’s bigger cities are built along water, and about 75% of those are along the ocean. Coastal life is intertwined in Swedes’ upbringing. Beach sheds, summer houses, little boats, big boats and piers to jump from. So very pretty. There’s always a town close by to explore. I have to admit I do miss the west- and southcoast a bit. The sunsets there are so pretty, it’s unreal! I used to climb up to a little hill near my dorm and I’d have a view over Lund, Malmö and the bridge with the sun lingering over Denmark. Here on the east-coast the sunsets just don’t cut it. Sorry Stockholm, you can’t have everything.

Some of these shots are from Alas Stenar, big tip if you’re in the south! Build in the 1600’s I’m always amazed at how these people were able to build and carry so much. Walking between wild cows and sheep, it really gives that ‘little house on the prairie’ feeling.

I haven’t posted a lot on workouts lately, and I’ll promise to get back into it, but I’m still figuring out my new gym and at-home workouts, plus we’re still sitting in boxes (I know, it’s been over 2 months, we’re extremely productive). I’m not really into the work-out selfies (or selfies in general), so I’m trying to look for ways to share some good moves and workouts. When I have something real helpful and insightful again, I’ll make sure to share it.

How are you doing with the workouts? Able to keep at it with the winter coming? Also, let me know if you want more updates on it, or on travel or on Sweden. I’d love to pick your brain and hear feedback on it.  

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