Roadtrippin’ Norway: Part II


Back on the road! After our shivering night we headed over to big-city life in Oslo. It took us about 2,5 hours by car. You’re only allowed to drive 110 so you you’re not really moving at the speed of light. Please note: gas up before the border, there’s this exit that takes you to a mall, take it! It’s much cheaper than it is in Norway, much much cheaper! Another tip, if you’re by car, is to park it at IKEA. There’s a free bus going from here into the city centre, score! you can park for free and the bus goes until late, just remember to properly check the times.
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The city itself, what can I say, it had a nice atmosphere around it, but it’s not on my top-lists. Mostly, because we were there only for 24 hours and secondly, it’s even colder and rainier during winter than Stockholm. After walking around through the city, seeing all the sites and overly priced cafe’s, we were invited for dinner at some of Sarah’s friends. They were so nice and had all these stories about life in Oslo. The walkways and roads apparently have heating under it for wintertime. Because there are so many hills, there’s slip-and-fall danger. To avoid this, certain central walkways are heated to avoid ice formation. Stockholm can probably take notice from this.
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Other than that, we mostly wandered through the clean streets and parks. It seems Norway is even tidier than Sweden. I must admit, we saw Oslo at it’s best. In full bloom, with people outdoors, musicians on the streetcorners, full terraces and lots of people watching. Still, to me, it didn’t have that ‘wow’ factor. Perhaps we missed all the  important sights (the opera house, the trendy Grunerlokka and the boatrides out to the mountaintops) Or perhaps I was just too inattentive (read: grumpy) due to the previous cold night.  The most fun was meeting  new people. We spent the night  at another friend of Sarah’s and boy, she lived in a great apartment! It was so so nice to sleep on something soft and cozy. What can I say, a girl needs to sleep… and eat.
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Vigelanden Park
One ‘must see’ when visiting Oslo is Vigelanden park, and it’s actually quite big. We walked over here after a really nice and long sleep-in, damn, we really needed it. A nice fresh shower took care of my developing birdsnest and we bought some breakfast to go. Vigelanden park is perfect for brunches, lunches or picnics! It was sunny, and has a great view over the city. Obviously, there were also lots of tanning dudes and bachelor parties with drunks guys trying to attempt a game of kubs at 11AM. Plus…. eye-candy! I mean, even meeting Sarah’s friends was a challenge, they were so pretty, it’s almost intimidating, we had to stop ourselves from staring so much. (I think Norwegians top the Swedes on this one, I’m sorry).

The statue area itself is sprawling with happy-snapping Asian tourists, but therefore, all the more entertaining. On a sunny day like this, I think Oslo is at it’s best. With fun people, cities don’t need a wow-factor.

What are your views on Oslo? And would you like to visit it?

Next is our drive through Norway’s beautiful(!) country side towards Trolltunga, one of the toughest hikes

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