Roadtrippin’ Norway: Part I

After all the craziness of school ending and the graduation parties, me and two friends decided to go hiking and camping: in Norway. We packed the whole car with food, drinks, sleepingbags, our tent, some hobo-clothes and lots of fleece. We’d end up eating wasa with either peanutbutter or tuna the whole trip, but that didn’t matter. We where on a budget, and it turned out to be one of the cheapest trips ever (and that in Norway!). So we plugged out, tuned off and hit the road. First stop was 4 hours north from Lund: Fjällbäcka, a cute little sailors town on Sweden’s westcoast
Ominous skies swapped places with rays of sunshine. Coulorful houses, clear water and jellyfish. Camping for free due to Swedish allemansrätten: ‘the freedom to roam’. Nightly thunderstorms and loooots of  rain, ergo a first night in a soaking wet tent. An eventful start to our roadtrip.

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 IMG_3816 modified SONY DSC IMG_3969

Next up: couchsurfing in Oslo

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  1. Wat heb je een fijne blog! En wat tof dat je in Stockholm woont. Ik hou van Scandinavie, zoooo mooi!

  2. Geweeeeldige plaatjes! Ik haat kou, maar ik wil wel echt heel graag nog naar Scandinavië.

    • Ah, thanks! het is hier soms zo idyllisch. Ja, het is in de winter echt behoorlijk koud, maar de zomers zijn ook weer heel mooi. Dus mocht je er heen willen, kan ik zomermaanden zeker aanraden! veel zonneschijn en lange dagen 🙂

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