On missing family

Living in an other country automatically brings some heartache with itself. It can be really tough not seeing your family for months at a time. Hopping by my folks for coffee, ranting about dad’s hyperactivity or playing mario party at my brother’s. Sometimes we wanna bash each others eyes out and there are countless of quarrels, but what family doesn’t have that? There’s also lots of laughter and comfort.

Over the years I have grown accustomed to not seeing my family a lot. From when I was a baby on, a lot of extended family lived abroad, so I saw my cute grandparents only every other 2 years. By now, I’m a little used to having a scattered family, but I think I haven’t seen one of my brothers for over 2 years, as he lives in Austria and I in Sweden. And I also had to miss out on my closest cousins and aunt and uncle for over a year. It’s especially rough during the holidays, so in a way I’m once again dreading Christmas. One of the reasons I started this blog was partly also to keep them updated on the life here, so dear family: this is for you! Missing you lots!


We had total style, for sure. Especially my dad during his hippy times. He’s still rockin’ that moustache btw. They’re probably gonna curse me for putting these up on the internet, but I know they’ll still like me!! For the rest of you, have a good sundayyy!

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