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The bootcamp instructor: feared, loved, hated, admired and most of them have rock-hard abs. Tom from BredaFit is also one of these Drill Meisters, or is that just how I see them? He and his company focus on health, fitness and nutrition. He offers bootcamp training sessions and tailormade personal training, so he knows a thing or two about working the body. Today, this fit and, might I add, quite handsome fellah has a guestpost about training;

Hi, there! I’m Tom Pieper, I am 28 years old and I live in Breda, a city in southern Holland. From early age on I have always been fascinated with sports and health. To me, it was then also a rather logical choice to start at the CIOS, a Dutch sportseducation, after I finished high-school. Here, I have specialised myself in fitness and all sorts of physical training. After this I continued studying for a Bachelor’s in Sportsmanagement, which I finished in the spring of 2012

During both these studies I have been working in the fitness-industry as a personal trainer for a total of ten years. I have been up close and personal with clients and I have always enjoyed seeing them reach their personal goals and gain confidence. These goals varied from losing weight, improvement of cardio, revalidation after an injury or reaching sport-specific goals like marathon preparation.

Due to the fun and satisfaction I gained from this work, I decided to start my own company BredaFit last January. My purpose is to make Breda the healthiest city of the Netherlands. I started BredaFit to offer accessible opportunities for exercising to as many as people as possible. We offer among others bootcamp training, personal training, nutritional advice, lifestyle advice and lifestyle counselling.

To me both strength- and cardio training are the perfect combination in overall exercise. You will build up your endurance while developing strength as well, which will burn extra calories, all bringing that hot summer bod’ one step closer.

I was asked about my personal insight into weighttraining for women and my answer is very clear and sound: I absolutely recommended women to incorporate it into their routine, especially if you want to shape up. It is essential to develop your muscles! First and foremost, by doing some strength training your muscles will tense up, which is called muscle tone. This muscle toning (hence: toning up the body) will make your wobbly parts “hang” less. You will, for example, get firmer buttocks, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want a tight booty?

Secondly, strength training is very important for firing up the metabolism. By doing strength training your muscles will break down and your body more or less gets a shock. After this stress your body will repair itself, and your muscles will be slightly stronger and tighter after recovery. This principle is called super compensation, which enables to burn extra calories up to 24 hours after your workout. So while you are comfortably relaxing on the couch, you’re still burning extra energy.

A couple of important basic exercises I recommend to anyone, both men and women, are:

* Squat
* Hoover/Plank
* Burpee
* Lunges
* Push Up

I know a lot of people find it hard to stay motivated to exercise, especially now with the shorter and darker days. It’s nicer to stay on the couch where it’s warm and cozy, than move yourself towards the gym or outdoors. For me, it works really well to exercise with a goal, take for example a major sporting event in which you want to participate, and train hard for this to perform at your peak. Or try and find a workout-buddy who wants to join you in this. It’s really nice to motivate each other when one of you is having an off-day. Plus, you always have to show up.

A question that I frequently get asked is my ideas on protein shakes. Protein is one of the main building blocks of our bodies and is also of great importance for muscle-recovery after exercise. In our current Western diet almost everyone consumes too little protein. So, I can definitely recommended taking a protein-shake after an intense workout. This will promote a more rapid recovery of muscles.

In general, I’m passionate about bringing more awareness to people and I’d like to advise everyone to workout a couple of times a week. For those, wishing to get in shape or lose some weight, I’d like to close with a very important tip to really incorporate weight-training or resistance training at least twice a week. Make sure you work your body and you really will see those results in a short period of time.

Well, you heard it ladies, also the bootcamp instructor is telling you the importance of some muscle! Get to it! It’s a new week again so perfect for a fresh start. Tom and his team offer bootcamp sessions twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays for both beginner and advanced levels and starting in November also on Saturdays. If you wish to try out a free training, make sure to contact them here or check out the Facebook page. On their website you’ll also be able to find more information regarding nutrition and counselling.

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  1. Ohh bootcamp lijkt me zwaar maar zo leuk en lekker id buitenlucht!

  2. I love bootcamp! Maar nog nooit gedaan, lijkt me heel tof en heel zwaar, like!

    • Ja, het is echt heel fijn eigenlijk! volledig er tegen aan en dan lekker warm binnen, zou het zeker proberen! toen ik nog in nl woonde ging ik vaak met vriendinnen zelf. Elke week had iemand anders de leiding, was heel leuk

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