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More photo’s here. With the frost sneeking up on us, I tend to reminisce about warm, sandy, beachy places. People always think Fiji is super-duper expensive, but it’s not. Not really. Ok, when you travel all the way from Europe to Fiji, those tickets can become pricey. But if you’re closer to the pacific, it’s actually quite ‘cheap’. When I travelled the last bit of my time in Australia, me and my friend decided to also go to Fiji. Crystal clear blue waters, colourful cocktails and just chillin’ on the beach. I mean, even it’s name is exotic right?! So, don’t know if it still exists, but we booked through Virgin Blue Holidays, with flight, hotel and airport pick-up included. Think in total it was like 500 euro’s for 7 days. Check here for information and fares.

It was quite nice! And we didn’t stay in just a crappy place, no it was a hotel! Now I sound like a crazy lady, but after 8 weeks of hostel bunkbeds, it’s quite the luxury. Nonetheless, due to some parasites and foodpoisining after a local Cava ceremony and undefinable food, it wasn’t the best trip, and also not the best memories. A little reminder health is the most important in life. Without health, there is no life. At least we still have the pictures ;).

Have you ever been to Fiji or want to go? 

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