To Do: Fruit picking at the Applefarm

It’s fall! Time for the leaves to fall down, but also for the fruit to be harvested! One of the things that truly amaze me in Sweden is the fruitpicking in the wild. I’ve seen Swedes come home with baskets full of Apples, Blueberries, Strawberries, Mushrooms, Nippon ( a swedish fruit) and so on. Sometimes the craziest things come along. Now, I am not  the wild-life picking expert I’d like to be, so I’d rather play it safe and go to farms for some fruitpicking.


One of the places, that I know of, which has the best apples in Skåne, is Gloria’s Applegård, northern-Lund. Now I must admit, I am a little biased, but that doesn’t change the fact their produce is good and the picking is a fun activity. Openinghours are in the weekends and you can pick all you want. Some apples aren’t ready for harvest yet, but they sell other types per kilo in store.

There’s also a cafe and a small shop, where you can find applecidervinager, tea’s, jams, muffins etc. Their Äpplemust (juice) is A-MA-ZING and actually has been copied by several other establishments. It’s all made naturally and from scratch. No dirty chemicals.  The prices are also far more reasonable than fancy health-stores in town. Win-win!

Not only Sweden has the opportunity for fruitpicking. I am sure there are local farms around you where you can possibly go to for a day out with the family or your friends. These pictures are from a peach-farm in Virginia. This farm was sooo huge, and in season people hop on to safari trucks with their baskets. When you partake in fruitpicking or buy local produce from farms you support local business owners. I think this is so much nicer than buying your produce in the fruit-isle. The farmers can often also tell you about their growing process and what type (if any) chemicals are used.  DSCN5573DSCN5560

Just google maps ‘fruitpicking’ around your area and see whether/where it’s possible. I can highly recommend it! Different produce is harvested in different months, but for apples, September and October (in Europe) are the best, so f you want to go, make sure to be quick.

Have you ever gone fruitpicking and if so, can you recommend any places? I’d love to know more of them

♥ Ellen

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