My non-existent partying

Ok, first and foremost, what you all know drinks here are expensiiiiive. A bottle of wine from the store starts at 50 Kronor (6,-) a glass of wine in a restaurant is easily 75 kronor and in a club 90 kronors and up. Especially when you visit place like the super chic Belle Epoque. One party night here can easily costs you 800,-  kronors excluding rounds for friends. Then to top it off, there’s the club-fee entrance. Malmö starts at 120,-, kronor, which becomes more when there’s a hipper-di-dip-dup band playing, Stockholm is easily 250,- kronor, that’s 30 euro’s, just to get in!! Weird thing is? Swedes loooove to drink and can party endlessly, even with these prices. It’s a good thing they’re rich. (bad thing I’m not)

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Last Friday we went out for dinner, and afterwards the occasional drink… but just the one drink. People were already getting hammered at 10.30PM. Lilla torg was packed. Extremely high prices on alcohol, yet they still booze up! Price for a cocktails?


That’s 12 euro’s! each! As you can see there’s also 25% tax on them. No matter how long I’ll be living in this country I think I’ll never get over these ridiculous prices. Then there’s also the matter of the actual party itself. I love a good glass of wine and dearly appreciate the flavours and tones, but the Swedes? well wine is just bought because it’s high in alcohol. They even have an APK (alcohol percentage per kronor) calculation. They mainly drink just to get drunk, it’s like you’re in highschool again.

So currently my partying is zero, with an occasional glass of wine during dinner or movie night. My drinking has also decreased immensely (compared to my daily glass of wine with dinner back home). Which is partly due to lengths you have to go to, to even get booze. You can only get it at the systembolaget, which has limited opening times and somehow is always far away. Here the nearest one is 2K away. When I lived in Lund I had to cycle 4 downhill to even get there, then cycle 4 kilometers back uphill, all for some wine! Especially when there’s layers of snow on the ground, I’ll pass. Then with special holidays it’s even worse.

This was Christmas day, closing time of the system bolaget was 3PM, we arrived at 2PM and had to wait in line to get in to the store, where you had to wait in line again to pay. Length of the line? A square through the whole store, it took about 45 minutes to even pay. Insane!

The plus side is that this (not drinking) is only a good thing for the improvement of my health and training.  The downside, I can really feel like a grandma at times. That’s why whenever I come home for a bit (or anywhere abroad), I love to go out to dinner, order a good glass of wine that’s perhaps 3 euro’s or have the availability to go in to EVERY supermarket and get a decent bottle. Oh, it’s just so good! 


                                                 Tomorrow I’ll be home, can’t wait for it!

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  1. I know what you’re going through, try Dubai, it’s even worse 😉
    xx Evelien

  2. Why would you drink poison if your main objective is something else than gettin crunk?
    Lots of alcohol free alternatives..
    Dutch peoole are weird. No wonder your country is below sea level.

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