A year in Sweden: Winter

So a while ago I posted the pictures from Autumn, and now it can already feel like winter sometimes, brrr. But it’s kind of nice at the same time. The seasons here are so strong. There is no wet summer or a grey winter (ok, there’s a lot of grey, but there’s also a lot of sunny days! yeey!). Last year there was snow from the 1st of December (right on the meteorological time) up to half of April, while everybody already had high hopes end of February. Yes, keep on dreaming!

Here in Stockholm the winter is already so different from Skåne, the humidity is lower, so even though temperatures are colder, it’s supposed to not feel like ice-cold-through-the-bone-shivers (yeah, right, keep telling that Vikings!). Meanwhile I’m getting heart-pulpitations as soon as I hit the icy wind. Somehow the winter was so traumatic (white-girl problem) that I seem to have just blocked it out completely. But yes, those are double (sometimes triple) layers of gloves and mittens, two pairs of jeans and 5 layers of clothing under our jackets.

2012-12-12 13.58.42IMG_1654012IMG_1631StockholmIMG_1698IMG_1477SONY DSCDSC_0681DSC_0656252218_10200099907571216_1328876241_n DSC_0671 IMG_1563 modified  IMG_4041DSC_0678

IMG_1676DSC_074518488_10151271794662043_1371368994_n 734489_10151271797502043_1055897907_nDSC_0769IMG_1554IMG_1556DSCF7461IMG_1569

Brace yourselves, winter’s coming

♥ Ellen

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  1. Wat een superleuke foto’s! Ik heb meteen weer dejavu’s van mijn half jaar in Finland.
    Heerlijk hé, Scandinavië?

    • Ah, thanks! ja, een trip down memory lane is altijd fijn ^^, Wanneer en waar heb je in Finland gewoon? het is t enige nordic land waar ik nog niet geweest ben, maar ben wel fan ze, ze zijn ook zo vriendelijk!

  2. Oh wow, ben weer even helemaal terug naar mijn tijd in Zweden (6 maanden in orebro gewoond). Tof!

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