Sunset Runs

IMAG0108Scandinavia has such beautiful sunsets, they’re long and have a lot of colour changes and variations with deep pinks and oranges. And I love running during them. When I lived in Breda I usually went really early in the morning, with surise or later in the evening, as I lived right in the city centre, so it’s not so nice running through the shopcraze. Here in Sweden I’ve sort of kept this trend in my running. I tried to take some phone pictures for an impression, but my camera is really bad.

IMAG0526IMAG0515Skane has these gorgeous golden fields in spring and summer. I think I’ll always associate that with running here. Now that the nights are becoming a bit more crisp, there are’t any mosquito’s. but the crickets still make such a nice ‘summer’ sound. Where I live there are also a couple of hills close by, which are perfect for core and hiit training.
2012-10-24 17.54.00Mind you, the sunrise is also really great to catch. And it’s nice to be up so early in the morning and go for a run. It’s so quiet, all you hear are some birds chirping.



So next time you feel like a quick walk, hike or run after dinner or breakfast, just go. The nature is so soothing, and chances are you’ll make it a little bit longer to enjoy the views.

Have a good saturday! We’ve been up since 6 selling our stuff at Sodra Esplanaden before the big move. Any takers, you know where to find us! Have a good weekend

Cheers ♥ Ellen

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