Fika heaven at St. Jacobs

Sunday, time for rest, relaxation, and for me today… utter exhaustion! We now moved everything and are save and sound in Stockholm. I’m gonna look up a nice coffeeshop somewhere in the area. One of my favourite coffeeshops back in Skane is definetly St. Jakobs Stenugsbageri. You can find it in the city centre of Lund and it’s just so quaint and cozy. Swedes love their Fika (coffee+cake break) and this place offers some damn fine sweets, it’s like an angel is peeing on your tongue (or is this an expression only my family uses?). If you’re up for a treat this is the spot!


SONY DSCEveryday their goods are freshly baked,  the place is hugely popular among locals and I have indeed stood outside in the waiting line during the freezing winter, but it’s just soooo good. My weekly snack would definetly come from here.SONY DSCSONY DSC


Daily all goods are freshly baked in the back-end of the establishment. In summer you can sit outside and hear the bakers pound their bread mixes, with flour spraying out of the windows. It’s great! Prices are Scandinavian, so 35 kronors (4,20) for a cappucino and 20 kronors (2,40) for a kanellbulle, cake or cookies. Sandwiches and whole breads are sold as well, prices vary. 6966_10151761497778035_964095136_nfoto (10)

I’m gonna miss it so much, but thankfully I’ll be back somewhere this year to enjoy St. Jakobs for a bit. I’ve been a bit lazy with writing, cause it’s been a full week(end) with moving all our stuff, but I promise I’ll have some more workouts in the coming week. Savour your sundays!

♥ Ellen

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