Cozy up with squirrels in Greenwich

Next time you go to London, make sure to also have a stop at Greenwich, a district in the South-London area. A friend of mine used to live here and the area is so picturesque and cute, it’s true English descent. I love London and the diversity of its areas, so when she moved there, booking a plane ticket was a matter of seconds.

P1110916P1110994 modifiedPeople usually go to the areas around Oxford street, Hyde Park, Camden, Portobello Road, Brick Lane and the bridges, which I completely understand. London is so big, so diverse and there’s so much to see. But for a lot of people Greenwich is unknown territory. Most famously, Greenwich is the point where the central time is set (GMT) and you can even spot the meridian line at night when the laser is set-up.


The tube is probably the fastest and also goes to the O2 arena. But if you enter by boat at Cutty Shark, there is a nice boardwalk with some pubs. All around the village are little bakeries and restaurants. My most favourite part was the park though. As it is steep, it’s got gorgeous views over the river and greater London area. A small herd of deer live in the wilderness near Blackheath gate and there are flowerbeds all around. When we where there it was bootcamp-time for around 40 people who where ploughing through dirt in the midst of January, hats off!
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The Greenwich park is quite big (similar to the size of Hyde Park) and in the weekends locals cover the grounds with picnics and family time. You can walk up to the royal observatory, which is a famous tourist spot and there are big clocks everywhere to notify you to the importance of the ‘home of time’. But a little off course to the left of the observatory is a group of old oaks where squirrels reside.


My friend luckily knew about this and bought some peanuts up front, cause these squirrels ain’t scared of anyone! When they can smell the peanuts, and hear the crackling of them, all of the sudden they pop up out of nowhere and literally eat out of the palm of your hand. They’re so greedy, it’s cute (and at first a little scary). They enjoy the peanuts in natural form, so they can whisk away with their little teeth and crack the shell themselves.

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Nothing nicer than to cozy up with these little creatures on an early Sunday morning. If you go for feeding, make sure to only feed them peanuts, and natural ones. Cookies, Cakes (some people truly amaze me!) or salted nuts do more harm than good. You can reach Greenwich by rail, tube, bus, but best of all boat! At the time, my all-in public transportation card would also give me access to the line-boat, so it didn’t matter moneywise. Nonetheless, I can thoroughly recommend it!

♥ Ellen

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