To Do: 2nd Hand Shopping

Sweden, and Scandinavia in general are known always be on the cutting edge of fashion, design, lifestyle and SHOPPING! In Paris you may have the high-end Marc-Jacobs and Louis Vuitton boutiques, but in the trendy areas of Malmo, Stockholm and even here in Lund 2nd hands shops are rapidly popping.

Wait, say what now? 2nd hand?! As in hand-me-downs?

Well, YES! 2nd hand here is huge and more often referred to as ‘vintage’. There are stores and chains throughout Sweden, and other countries like England and the Netherlands are also gaining popularity in 2nd shops. The benefit, especially for poor students like us, is that most stuff is a bargain!

Ieuw! Isn’t that gross? Well, NO! Sweden’s lifestyle is all about recycling and reducing consumption and an added benefit is that you’ll find something unique, like a piece of retro furniture (hipster-alert!), old band t-shirts, dishes, leather boots, prom dresses and so on. You can completely revamp your wardrobe, especially with fun stuff for festivals. It’s even highly possible to come across a real designer piece for a fraction of the price of what it used to be. The boys from Macklemore agree!

Although price in Sweden is debatable, as 2nd here is so ‘vogue’ I’ve found even the most simplest shirt for double the price of what you’d pay it for in a department store. What it comes down to, 2nd here is the thing! So why not get dibs on some cool places for a Snoozy Sunday afternoon to search through the rows of fashion and collectables? It just may take a little time to find that gem.

Humana Sweden is a chain of shops in Stockholm, Malmo and Lund. A bit more trendy, as all my Swedish friends recommended as their ‘absolute personal favourite’. From old books to fur coats, they have it all. The pricetags are a little higher then what you’d expect though.

Erikshjalpen, Sweden which is also a chain, but on a much larger scale and profits go to goodwill. Located throughout Sweden in 52 towns. They open from 10AM, several days of the week, and there are usually lines outside with people waiting for their bargain. Check the website for opening hours and locations near to you.

Sopstationen Malmo , literally translated to: Garbagestation. My personal favourite!! It is in an old rundown warehouse behind the central trainstation and managed by really nice people. They have lots of furniture and cool retro stuff, and another perk is: they’re still cheap!

Another gem is Mani in Malmo, run by Fanny Fager, new it-girl du jour. She’s got a very personal style. Head here for your next fancy dress, bow-tie or leather shoes. For the online shop check Shop Mani

Only found in Stockholm and the surrounding areas is Stockholm’s Stadtsmissionen . The stores have different focus and range, therefore it’s worth visiting a couple of them. Cheap deals are a garantuee

Sodermalm Stockholm: This area’s got so many 2nd hand shops, it’s impossible to name them all. While you’re in the neighbourhood, step into some of the shops for inspiration or a little bit of fun. Most of them are ‘vintage’ and ‘high end’, so just remember this:

Now in other countries, it might still be a little unorthodox or seen as ‘poor’, but we bet in a few months’ time you’ll also gladly shop into one of these. Who else can say they have an old 80’s wooden chair, or that retro cabinet? And the next time you’ll be rocking it out in the club you’ll happily show off your grandma sweater to those friends wearing the same H&M shirt.

For any more tips on 2nd hand stores close to you, please leave a reply below, I’m happy to find some more places, especially in the rest of Europe!

♥ Ellen

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