Sweat around the world

Carrying around between 10 to 20 kilo’s of your own crap, sometimes with a tent on the side, isn’t the easiest task for your body. And that DSLR camera around your neck can cause some serious cramps. Backpacking is adventurous and exhilarating, you feel like a lonely explorer ready to take on the world. Until that is, you strap on that backpack to your body. When you walk from busstation to busstation and manoeuvre yourself on steep cobblestone streets, trying to find that hidden hostel you wonder ‘why haven’t I trained a bit more?’ ‘Cause ladies and gentleman, backpacking sure isn’t for the fainthearted.

Luckily there are some tips and apps you can use for keeping your body fit throughout the trip, and an extra perk is that you’ll be beach proof ready!

A personal favourite is the Nike Training Club app. Perfect if you find a little place to do some movements. Free full body workouts for your Iphone or Android, which make it possible to train anywhere, anytime. You can go from cardio to stretching and choose different trainers as well, even some celebrities have been called in to perform them. You can earn badges, unlock workouts and see your results over a long time period. This little gizmo will keep you on the go!

Other than the NTC app, there’s this lady below. She’s got an enormously perky voice, so try not to break out in laughter, but her workouts sure make you burn.

Obviously there are also lots of things to do on location:

Travelling to (South-East) Asia? Find a good yoga place. Often the yoga classes offered are relatively cheap, and some even have beach sessions. No better way to have an early morning than with the waves slowly crashing besides you.

Surfing! Or Supping (stand-up paddle boarding) are both excellent ways to keep your body fit. It takes a lot of strength getting out in the water, let alone get up on the board. Surfing itself is a bit more intense, as paddle boarding is mostly core and arm work, but both are considered a full body workout!

Go tubing, canyoning, kayaking, or wild-water rafting! It’s all a lot of fun, and the different movements are great for core resistance. Even though tubing is a bit more chilled-out, being out there and active in the water will do your body good. With canyoning you slither through ancient canyon gorges, jump down natural slides and off 12ft rocks, perfect for a day out!

A fan of running? Try to find lightweight running shoes you can take with you. There’s no better way to explore a city than cross straight through it while on the run. This also accounts for biking. Try and find a shop that offers bicycle hire if you want to explore a place yourself, or find guided tours if you’re not a big fan of getting lost. Either way, having active days on your trip are good for keeping up stamina and strength, and you’ll feel a lot better the next day – when you’re flat on your back on sandy beaches.

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