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Today is yet another day to explore some of the festivals out there. Time to elaborate on some of the previously already welcomed festivals. As more unconventional festivals are covered, today a feature of a cheap one (is that possible?!). Living on a student budget, and people in general like free things, I’ll be covering the Distortion festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. A festival characterised by free rave parties on the CPH-streets during the day, and club-parties by night, ranging from ‘hiped’ DJ’s to up-and-comers.

Distortion festival is 4 days from 29th of May until the 1st of June, starting at 4PM daily until the late wee hours (most times 6AM), throughout the city of Copenhagen. Each day another area is ‘host’ to extensive, out-of-this-world, rave-parties. Locations are Norrebo, Vesterbo, the harbour at Refshaleøen and the final party is at Refshaleøen itself. The day-activities are free of entrance and are therefore hugely popular among youngsters, students and hip Danes. Up to 200.000 visitors a day can be counted, all looking for the perfect party atmosphere, with the biggest day on Saturday, which is a grand spectacular of techno, disco, indie, hiphop and impromptu entertainment. Make sure to enjoy the full days and enjoy the summer vibes. But remember to check the day itself for mobile parties, as they roll through different neighbourhoods and you don’t want to miss out.

“Distortion is chaos and Distortion is love. Distortion is a party driven by the community. Distortion is the celebration of you and me and of all of us, and the celebration of our city, Copenhagen!”

The festival started as an ‘underground’ scene in 2000 with only 1800 visitors and in twelve years’ time it has grown up to a legit event. Typical aspects for this city festival is the range of creativity and artworks, and the extravagant participants itself. Dressing-up is more a must, then optional, with the motto ‘anything goes’. Another factor is the use of ‘mood-intesifying’ substances to enlighten the experience, ranging from booze to stronger stuff. Seeing the footage, we think the music and atmosphere of Distortion festival is reason enough to have a good time.

For the Evening parties, several clubs and pubs open their doors, some more official than others. For the popular ones it’s advisable to buy tickets upfront, while other can be bought at the door. Make sure to have enough cash with you, as the parties on the streets can be accompanied with BYO booze, but the clubs have quite high (Scandinavian) asking prices.

Around 20 percent of the festival visitors come from abroad. So this party is all the more reason to visit the city, next to its alluring ambiance, typical Scandinavian atmosphere, and top-of-the-line design. If you’re interested in experiencing the event from behind the scenes, you can also volunteer , and you get to meet some cool acts and have a fun day at the same time.

pictures courtesy of CPH distortion

Are you ready for the festival season?
Kram, Team Culture Can

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