Racking up that F-U Money

One of my favorite Sunday night pastimes is to go through my portfolio and decide where I want to invest in the coming week. Monday mornings the stockmarkets open, which means: my money tree grows, and with it: my financial freedom. Some weeks I don’t invest at all, some weeks €100, other times €500+. Investing for me is a hobby, however, it’s also a possibility for me to say ‘Fuck You!’ if I ever encounter a situation where I’d be financially dependent on someone/something.

Having ‘fuck you’ money is incredibly important for women to have. You’ll be able to leave a job you’re not comfortable at, you’ll be able to walk away from a bad relationship, you’ll be able to pack your bags and say: ‘fuck it, I’m out of here’ and travel abroad for 7 months. It’s a safeguard for never having to depend on someone else providing you with financial security. It’s better: it leads to financial freedom. Continue reading

How to manage your money like a pro

Now that I have a full-time job, I have no idea how I ever managed to live off of 800 euro’s per month when I was a student. I can’t for the life of me grasp how I even could afford somewhat healthy food throughout those 5 years.
It is true that your spendings tend to increase in the same pace as your income. However, if I could live off of 800 Euro’s 5 years ago, why won’t I be able to do that now and save all the ‘extra’ money in a bankaccount?!

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